Friday, August 31, 2012

Wrong way.

The two cows in the field across the lane have a mountain of hay and a full water trough . Something seems to have finally spurred the 'bad' farmer into looking after them. Peer pressure or chance ?

Down to the supermarket bright and early . ' The font ' buys artichokes. Angus wanders over to the cake counter and opts for coffee eclairs and fruit tarts.

Home via the cafe under the arcades. Our morning reverie interrupted by the unmistakable thrumming sound of Madame Bay's Wild Child voiturette . Three honks of its asthmatic little horn. Two short and one embarassingly long. A large turbaned figure drives by , window wound down,   blowing imaginary kisses. '' Cou Cou. I'll see you later. Off to have my hair done " . With that Madame Bay disappears north along the market square. The other traffic heads south. '' I always thought this was a one way street " says ' the font '. " It is " I reply .


  1. I'm so pleased the cows are OK, and that the farmer is looking after them again.

    Madame Bay could have made TV news here in NZ - tragically our eveing news tonight reported on a 100 year old man reversing over eleven people (including nine children) in America, and then the segment featured video of many elderly Americans driving the wrong way on the roads, and questioned if it was OK for some people to still be driving. Hopefully Madame Bay is aware of what she does, and no doubt you and "the font" will look twice for oncoming cars on one way streets now!

  2. Gosh those cakes all look delish!! How do you keep your weight in check with all those goodies within a stroll's reach?
    Angus you should write a short novel about Madame Bay, she is truly an interesting character, to say the least....and I believe her husband feels the same way.
    Must mention that CouCou here is our national dish, made with cornmeal and okras and served with flying fish.

  3. Perhaps Madame Bay wasn't honking
    at you, but rather warning
    oncoming traffic that she was
    "on the road again."

  4. Great news about the cows, thanks for the update.

    The French have such a way of presenting pastries, goodness that all looks too beautiful to eat...though of course, one will eat it with gusto!

    Madame Bay has a true joie de vivre!

  5. Hee hee! I grin every time I read about Madame Bay's antics. She seems like a character out of a fantastic story or movie!

    I have a feeling you have some much happier cows living across the way.

  6. a wonderful laugh with my coffee this morning!
    happy cows
    happy housekeepers
    happy tummies
    it's all good!!!!
    tammy j

  7. So happy for the cows.

    Does every last soul there march to the beat of a very different drummer? It is quite wonderful, you must sometimes feel you are living amongst characters in a quiant story book.

  8. Glad to hear the cows are being fed and watered, I'd like to think it was peer pressure. Those cakes look divine. Is that a candle snuffer on the eclairs? Do my eyes deceive? Madam Bay best be on the lookout, we live in a city that its downtown consists of one way streets, so very dangerous, especially to those from out of town....

  9. The pastries! Heavenly! Thank you.
    Good newsabout the cows. Thanks, again.

  10. And I thought it might be you Angus that was being accusing of walking the wrong way, towards the cakes not the artichokes...

  11. She was only going one way.....

    We're starting to put on weight looking at your blog photos.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. oh, I'll definitely have one coffee eclair via the blog...calorie free! least the eyes can delight. I am glad the farmer has come around and made efforts to care for his cows...bless their hearts. And today, Madame Bay reminds me of the Adventures of Mr. Magoo! O.O