Thursday, August 9, 2012

High summer.

Seven thirty at night. The old farmer arrives at the front gate. Open toed sandals, brown trousers, brown check shirt ( unbuttoned ) and brown pork pie hat. Colour coordinated chic . He's off to see his sister in Brittany. '' While I'm away could you keep an eye on the house and water the plants on the terrace ? ".  Our old neighbour is tempted by the offer of a glass of champagne but is keen to get on the road.  We stand in the middle of the lane and wave as he and his ancient motorhome, unmatching  chintz curtains billowing out of the back windows, accelerate down the lane. When he reaches the bend he beeps the asthmatic horn three times , waves out of the window and then disappears out of sight.

It's already hot in town this morning. The umbrellas up at the cafe under the arcades. One of the beer and absinthe set has shown up in nothing more than her pink dressing gown, pink slippers and hair net. One of Gods gentler, less complicated souls. She must be feeling the heat. The first of the fresh hazelnuts in the greengrocers. The hay trucks all bundled up and ready for market. A lazy summers day lies ahead in deepest France Profonde.


  1. The pink dressing gown lady. A relative of Madame Bay? Or just a refugee from a Tesco in Liverpool.....?

    1. So funny! In the USA she would likely be a "person of Walmart" and end up on YouTube. The cafe sounds much more charming than the house of w though!

  2. Growing old disgracefully...something to aspire to.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Enjoy those lazy days.

  3. Lol! Did I tell you that Cornflowers is now selling Absinthe?

  4. All this time, hearing about the beer and absinthe crowd under the arcades, I never in a million years thought that women were
    The farmer does take some liberty asking such a favour when he's actually on his way, but I guess he knows you will oblige, so no need to inform you before of his plans.
    These folks could never be made up in your mind, that's for sure.

  5. oh for beloved characters who feel they can be.
    that's all. just be.
    it's lovely!
    and so is your heat forsaken village in high summer.
    i wish we had that ancient arched architecture.
    you know... that provides the deep shade.
    there's a wee darling white ghost with his nose peeking
    from beneath the table. i can see him.
    love and hugs to my lad,
    tammy j

  6. Love all the photos today...very good cameos of your village area...that third down has a Carolina Blue sky if ever there was one that could imitate!!! ;-) ~ and the spire in the center is just the finishing touch. **The Hay Trucks speak a language all their own... pleasant scene of a pastoral setting. thanks for sharing...Good neighbors you are!

  7. I've never seen a fresh hazelnut before. What do you do with a noisette frais? Roast 'em?

  8. Your lazy summer days sound very nice to me. :)

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  9. Housekeepers in chiffon and turbans, elderly gentlemen in string vests and pink dressing gowns as bar attire. Are you sure you aren't living in L.A.?
    Very kind of you to look after the old farmer's place. An unnerving idea at best.