Monday, August 13, 2012

The dog show.

The annual dog show in the neighbouring village. A wall of noise. Hunting horns, children, dogs and local farmers all making their own unscripted contribution to the cacophony. Chaos French style. In the corner a show ring with a group of very bored beagles . The beagles are patiently waiting while the judges have a mid-morning 'pick me up'. Sensing that things are progressing slowly the griffon bleus , the next in line to be judged, have sensibly fallen asleep.

In the afternoon we wander over to the village hall. The young farmers club have set up a wide screen television to watch the France v Sweden handball finals. At least half of the villages 67 inhabitants have shown up. Children, the young farmers, their wives and a gaggle of ever active Jack Russells . The Jack Russells entertain themselves by leaping in and out of the windows.

For the great occasion someone has bought a job lot of patriotic red, white and blue tricoleur wigs. Madame Bay, Monsieur Bay, Sandrine and the good for nothing son-in-law Hugo are all wearing them. So is the mayor. Angus dons his reluctantly . Extremely reluctantly. ' The font ' cheers on Sweden . Sweden loses 22-21. ' The font ' feels sorry for the Swedish 'boys'. The average Swedish boy on the team  is 2 metres tall and weighs 110 kilos. Angus thinks they'll get over the disappointment quite quickly. The mayor offers ' the font ' a commisaratory glass of armagnac and a salving comment :  '' There's always next time "  . 

On our way home 'the font' observes that it's not every day you get condolences and a glass of armagnac from a  man with a multi-coloured acrylic perm .


  1. The hunting horns hurt my ears. I can only imagine what the poor dogs were thinking!

    A video with the acrobatic Jack Russells and a Scottish gentleman in a tricolor wig would be priceless! It must have looked like the circus was in town. ;)

  2. One wonders how many such special moments have been enjoyed all over the world these last two weeks.

  3. I hope there was lots of shade and water for the pooches.

  4. My thought at the end of the video was that someone should have said 'let the hunt begin!!'

    But you didn't mention which breed was your favorite at the show? I still somehow see a Scottie in your future...

  5. A day surrounded by dogs is a LOVELY day.....mandatory wig or not, I'm sure you had a good time.

  6. Replies
    1. After we've been to India and China and the CC's have been visited. Probably May. A lot of stored up family visits !

  7. i want to live in your village!
    that beautiful little face in the corner
    looking up at you...
    i'm glad the next picture is up close...
    that means you gave a friendly pat hello.
    tammy j

  8. The beagle bunch don't look too happy. Angus should have shown them his wig; that would have caused some canine chuckles.

  9. And a good time was had by all!


  10. I think I will share this!

  11. you know, you got to love those 'Jacques Russells'!!

  12. Well observed, Font!

    The Jack Russells are lucky they weren't painted in patriotic colours.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy