Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Pod of Dolphins.

The heat finally easing. The temperatures down into the mid-90's during the day and the mid-70's at night. The locals still sensibly sheltering from the sun behind closed shutters. The little market towns streets eerily still and quiet in the way only French provincial towns can be. Outside the pharmacy a bored farmer has set out a display of scarecrows. An equally bored sheepdog carefully sniffs,  circles and then irrigates each one. For Angus the cooler weather brings a chance to climb a ladder and trim the dead fronds from the top of the palm trees. Not something that was part of the gardeners routine in Scotland.

This video is stunning. A bit slow to start but the action kicks in around the 1.37 mark and really bursts into life at the 2.00 minute stage.  Those of you still suffering from a heatwave should immediately cool down by about 10 degrees. or for a shorter , and more easily viewed version


  1. wow - I take the students to swim with the dolphins in Kaikoura each year - have sent them this video to get a better idea of the view under the boat :) Thanks Angus

  2. Love the scarecrows.

    We couldn't get the video to play....but we THINK we saw it on the morning show the other day.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Gosh what lovely footage of the dolphins...there was even one smiling for the camera.
    Love those scarecrows, they look so real.....what dog could resist the temptation to christen each one?
    Angus please be careful up on the ladder, you are already nursing scratches/bruises from the barbed wire.
    Say a prayer for me, I am now going through hell with workmen that have promised to show up over a week ago. They are running from job to job to job, and mine is not one of them...I don't understand how they can work this way.

    1. Good luck with the workmen.

    2. I think swimming with the dolphins would be a lot of fun -- definitely more fun than trimming palm fronds! Good luck with your gardening!


  4. For yhose who can't get the video to
    run by clicking the link (like me),
    go to Youtube and search for "dolphins
    swimming go-pro." They are so graceful.

    That village street shot is a beaut.
    Could be an oil painting.


  5. Those scarecrows are rather creepy! Anything puppet-like freaks me out just a little bit....however, that's kind of funny about the sheepdog! Amazing video!

  6. Dolphins are so beautiful to watch, thank you for sharing that video. :)

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max