Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not a day for horse riding.

Another 100 degree plus day. The heatwave forecast to run well into next week. The pace of life in deepest France Profonde , slow at the best of times, shifts down a gear.  

The cheesemongers stall at the market unusually quiet. In fact the whole market is quiet. Seven thirty am and it's already touching eighty. Most of the beer and absinthe set have moved inside the cafe leaving the outside seats to tourists and shoppers. The waitress bizzarely tells me that " it's not a day for horse riding " . Angus agrees. 

Outside the village hall a strange, somewhat formal, structure has appeared. A white marquee draped in red garlands.A large trestle table in the centre. Red and white balloons wilting in the sun. Mysterious. Perhaps a village gathering is being planned ?


  1. I would have given those cheesemongers some business, sans aucun doute.
    Cheers, Gail

  2. Sorry about your heat. I agree, not a day to be trotting about on horseback.

  3. Maybe the decorated marquee structure has something to do with a horse riding dressage competition??
    Keep us posted.
    Stay cool.

  4. Wasn't the Mayor given water to store for a 'heat emergency' a couple of months ago? I think your weather may qualify as one and my guess about the tables is that they are setting up to ceremoniously give it out. ???

  5. Great photos and here too there has been little horse riding. But soon fall will come and I'll be up and out on the trails. Be sure to post lots of pics of France in the fall allright?

  6. how very strange...the horrid heat monster moves on...
    we started having triple digit temperatures in the early part of june here.
    it continued day after sweltering day for over 59 days straight with fairly high humidity.
    i thought it would never end. but this week our nights have been in the 60's! heaven!
    and the days lately have only been in the upper 80's and 90's. now you are having our horrible
    heat. is that normal for you there??? i don't know what's going on. but it's seems weird.
    ah well. life on this planet!

  7. Maybe yesterday's elf is setting up shop.

  8. I hope that cheese isn't melting in the heat. Very curious to know what the white and red table is all about.

  9. Carefully watching dogs and horses here; the heat has moved on but last week, I plopped an old Beagle into a bath after I saw him standing funny in the yard. Didn't take his temp; just cooled him down - he did fine.
    Stay cool - the cheese looks delicious.

  10. CHEESE...we would have been there!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Bella

    Another frosty morning here.

  11. 23 Euro for a kg of cheese!!! Are they feeding those cows gold flavored grass over there? :)

  12. I have a feeling we'll be hearing tales of some wild partying going on soon. I hope you and 'the font' are able to beat the heat!

  13. Hopeful that your 100 degree days are soon a thing of the past. :)

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  14. That's just not right, over 100 degrees almost at the end of August. I agree with the waitress, not a day to ride! But I will certainly take a few 100 grams of those cheeses, s'il vous plait!