Monday, August 20, 2012

All fancy.

Must be the heat. The baker suddenly goes all fancy. Little laminated cards appear describing each of the cakes on offer. The prices up 5% to compensate for this new found level of sophistication.   Angus buys a blue cake for 'the font' and a red one with a raspberry on top for himself.

Lunchtime. ' The font ' looks at the cake . '' Hmmm. That's interesting . You don't often see blue food " . True enough. There's blueberries,  those wild purpley blue potatoes and damsons. Now we can add to the list blue iced cake.


  1. VERY impressive.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Is this the old baker trying to keep up with the new baker??
    I don't know how you are ever able to choose just one of these delicious looking gateaux, I am sure I would end up buying one of everything.
    Stay cool.

  3. the jury is out for me on this one.
    i have a feeling this is the new baker?
    they almost look artificial in their shiny plastic-like perfection.
    sometimes beautiful things are just that... too beautiful to be
    really tasty. oh dear. and i would never describe myself as a cynic.
    i guess i am more pedestrian in my food preferences! but i would like
    to try one. just to see. let us know how the blue and red cakes were...
    cool hugs to you in deepest france profonde!
    tammy j

  4. Those cakes look too good to eat! Perhaps it is the heat...

  5. Either one is fine with me- They all look very tasty!

  6. What beautiful sweets! It would be difficult to decided on one. I hope they taste as good as they look!

  7. Very fancy and artistic. Does artistic taste good?

  8. I'm really, really hoping this is the broom weilding baker, who has decided to weild her wooden spoon and whisk and do battle this way instead. I did/do feel for her, I mean it is her livelyhood on the line, but of course she was going about it all the wrong way and driving people away with her horrible attitude I would think. Hoping the tarts taste as good as they look and that there is room for two bakers in the village.

  9. I'll take the blue one it is different. Was it good?

  10. I love the blue. Very smart, very contemporary. Hope it was tasty.
    You both must have amazing restraint or over the top metabolisms.

  11. They all look like art work only edible. :)

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  12. They all look good! I'd like one of each please!