Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Steve Martin, Striped Pyjamas and a Victory.

The heat wave simmers on. The mayor opening up the village hall so that toddlers and the old folk can make use of it. Two o'clock in the afternoon, 106 degrees. A group of  local teenagers arrive and set up ping pong tables in the middle of the car park. They seem oblivious to the heat. The old folk look on from the shade of the porch and shake their heads.

Monday night. The purpose of the red and white marquee now apparent.The mayor has arranged for movies to be shown on the side wall of the salle des fetes. The marquee home to the projector and a 'buffet'. The buffet turns out to be of the liquid variety. The entirely liquid variety. The movies are supposed to start at nine but get going at ten. Gascon timing. No one complains.

A Steve Martin film about two  families and their Labor Day vacation at a lake. Lots of slapstick . Madame Bay roars with laughter. Through it all Monsieur Bay remains obdurately asleep , his head on her shoulder, large glass of wine perched on the chair next to him.  The second movie a strange contrast. Le garcon au pyjama raye. The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. The mayor has chosen it thinking its a childrens comedy. The villagers watch this little morality tale in what passes , in these parts, for near silence.

This morning a victory. The 'bad' farmer arrives with a large bail of hay for the two cows in the field across the lane. He fills up their water trough from a trailer. The cows buck with delight.


  1. Congratulations on a job well done on the cows. Outdoor movies Gascon style sound a like a great experience, preferable surely to the multiplex filled with buckets of foul smelling popcorn...
    Cheers, Gail

  2. That's good news about the cows, I am sure thanks to both the font and your efforts. I do hope he keeps it up. Sounds like a nice night under the stars. I love the second picture of the farmhouse, it gives a really clear impression of it's setting..really lovely. Now all we need is a puppy or two in the picture......

  3. So happy to hear that the farmer has finally stepped up to the plate to look after his cows....my heart is now at ease.
    I watched The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas many years ago, and it left an indelible memory with me...the good that we do, and the evil that we do, always comes back to haunt us.
    I think I heard Madame Bay's roar of laughter over this side of the world......gotta love her.

  4. Shame is a powerful tool. Nice to hear the cows are being taken care of.

  5. Finally! It is about time that the farmer takes care of his cows. I hope he continues to do so. Many thanks to you and 'the font' for helping the animals.

  6. Finally the cows are taken care of!!! I'd be pretty miffed if nothing happened to those poor beasties! Hats off to you all who helped....that farmer should be punished by law.

  7. The Steve Martin movie sounds like 'Cheaper by the Dozen' which I imagine the kids may have liked--But I know what I like, and that was reading tat the 'bad farmer' finally did what he was supposed to!

  8. The photo of the ROF is beautiful, though one can feel the heat!

  9. Believe the wheat harvest is now over.
    The money musst be in the farmer's
    bank account. Time to think of the
    poor cows apparently.

  10. Unsettling pairing of films.

    Nothing like being "noticed" in a small village. The bad farmer would rather bring fodder for his cows than be fodder for the local gosip mill.
    Of course, he didn't attend to the cows immediately because that would validate the complaint of neglect. Oh, the arrogance of saving face.
    You did a wonderful thing font and Angus. That's why we respect you so.

  11. It always pays to read reviews of movies....or at least the blurb on the back. Surely cooler weather is approaching.

    We're so happy for the cows.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. They went from Steve Martin to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?! Yegads! That's...quite a change of pace.

    I hope the weather improves!

  13. Thank you for posting about the 2 cows getting their food and water now! I was very worried about their situation. I hope he continues to care for them.