Saturday, August 18, 2012

The elf.

Not a cloud in the sky. The town workmen have had a vote and decided that it's too hot to be outside. They sit at a long, shaded, tressle table in the  market place and drink wine . It's ten thirty in the morning when we pass them. One crate gone, two full crates still to go. The workmen are already 'happy'. By lunchtime they'll be flying . The mayor is less happy.

Passing the bakers we see a man in a pixie hat with a pointed beard sitting drinking a Coke. The hat has a bell on the end. He looks like one of Santas elves on vacation. A touch of Disney in deepest France Profonde. There again Disney elves don't have dreadlocks and smoke 'roll your owns'.

The old widow has carried  every garden ornament she can find outside . She's placed them , in some semblance of order, on the pavement . A miniature obstacle course of grinning squirrels and trumpeting elephants. On her walls a mismatch of garish dinner plates mingle with a flock of ceramic butterflies and cicadas . She's just starting to tie red bows onto the three fir trees . '' Brightens the place up ! "  says the old dear waving at us with one hand and pointing at a ceramic windmills rotating sails with the other. ' Certainly does ' replies 'the font'  noncommittally . 

42 yesterday. More of the same today.


  1. Not for the first time, your description today of life in France Profonde reminds me of a comment once made by my German neighbours in Torridon. "You have to remember Gail, that communities like this tolerate behaviour that elsewhere would get people committed to an institution".

    Love the 'elf' photo.

    Cheers, Gail.

  2. He's probably rolling a little psychedelic elfin magic into those cigarettes and it's obvious who has been sampling his wares.

  3. Did you see some of "your" workmen hanging out drinking at the market place...hope you asked them when they would be returning to complete the unfinished work at the farmhouse.
    The old widow has a keen sense of design style, in an off beat kind of way...somewhere else it would be termed "shabby chic" I believe.
    A dreadlocks guy in a pixie hat and a pointy beard, only in deepest France Profonde.
    Drink some wine, stay hydrated and have a great day!!

  4. You clearly live in a lunatic asylum. How wonderful!

  5. Maybe the elf is a corrupt garden ornament from the Widow's collection ... In deepest France Profonde, I have a feeling it could happen!

  6. The dear old widow is doing her part to brighten up spirits. Delightful, and even more so after a glass or 2 of Champagne! Happy weekend!

  7. That elf cracks me up! Nice chapeau! Sending you cool winds and more temperate days. We are heading back into another heat wave by Monday the weather people promise. Great.

  8. Ceramic having to water withered plants! Love the elf.

    Doesn't wine dehydrate you?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. I think the old widow needs a new dog...

  10. I have always wondered where Santa's elves spend their off time, now I know. :)


    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  11. A little bit of Venice Beach (Ca) boardwalk going on there. SW France gets funky.

  12. Perhaps the heat is getting some people more than others!