Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wallpaper and a poem about a dog..

Wallpaper. ' The font ' decides the bedroom needs to be wallpapered. So, armed with nothing more than two photographs of a pattern seen on the bedroom wall of a hotel on the ile de re we head off in search of wallpaper.

It's hot. While 'the font' talks about wallpaper, Angus wanders off in search of a coffee. In the cafe tiramisu cup cakes. Delicious. 

A quick visit to the cathedral to escape the heat. The worlds ugliest building. It's as if someone designed a train terminus and instead decided to use it as a place of worship. Lots and lots of right angles . A sacerdotal Grand Central. There's an organ recital of Gascon folk tunes going on. Twenty or so tourists sitting in the nave. Otherwise deserted. Half an hour of the gascon folk tunes and Angus is ready to rejoin 'the font'. Why is it cathedrals are always cold inside ? Another ten minutes and hypothermia would set in . By the front door three large and very weathered statues from the colonnade. Stern, verging on grumpy, saints.

Ten at night. A wedding procession of sixty or so cars drives through the village, horns blaring. At the front of the procession a car towing a trailer . On the trailer a four poster bed drapped in white. In the bed what are presumably the bride, groom, and a gaggle of bridesmaids. When they hit the speed bump outside the gate the beds inhabitants  are all thrown into the air. Everyone in the procession laughing merrily. Must be a French thing.

Here's a poem about a dog called Arden. It's by a poet called Mark Doty. The second time I've found a poem by him.  Worth reading twice. The first time I thought he was saying the dog didn't want the walk to end. On a second read through a more subtle and beautiful meaning comes smiling through.


  1. How lovely - I have just got his book to read -
    I hope the Boyz are on an infinite walk filled with promise ...

  2. The bed may be a 'French thing' but I call it an accident waiting to happen! :-)

    I was given Mark Doty's book 'Dog Years' and I enjoy the way he writes; simply, beautifully and honestly.

  3. Your description of shopping for wallpaper and side trips is most interesting. There are few dull moments in your quiet, bucolic and what your thought peaceful countryside!! How much fun you have in everyday life.
    To an adventurous week

    Helen x

  4. Tiramisu cupcakes....count me in.
    Enjoyed the Mark Doty poem. I'll be seeking out his book as well.
    Wedding processions on beds at 10pm in deepest France Profonde.....what an interesting life you lead....but it made me chuckle as well.

  5. I am not sure about that wallpaper and I have never liked tiramisu. Oh well to each their own. I am sure about one thing though Angus.... if I may be so bold.... I think it's time for you to add to the pack.... just sayin!

  6. I rather like the wallpaper! I hope 'the font' had good luck finding it! Picking out wallpaper sounds a lot better than being in the old church. Tiramisu cupcakes? Only in France!

    That poem was lovely!

  7. I like the dog poems!

  8. The poem really got to me. Our 10 year old dog used to delight in walks. He got ill and the vet said maybe we could get him over this-maybe. We kept up with the walks, him barking and nudging as the leash was fastened, tail wagging. A couple of months later he really slowed down and would push himself to walk with other dog and I, just one block and would stumble most of the way.His tail wagging less. I knew it was bad, but kept hoping. He went to the Rainbow Bridge two weeks ago, his last moments were spent by the wildflowers in the garden. Slowly falling asleep with loved ones comforting him. How I do so miss walking with him......

  9. Funny - I happen to have found Mark Doty recently, and have 3 books by him on my bedside table. Sweet paper :)

  10. Oh my... wallpaper shopping on a hot day. I hope that you found it! Yes, the bed must be a french thing...

  11. I love that you found the wallpaper; and I love the poem. I really recognise the behaviour.

  12. Although your legions of fans would like you to get another pup NOW, only you and the font will know when the time is right!

    Loved the wallpaper! Touched by the poem!

  13. Beautiful poem.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. Thanks for brightening my morning with that touching poem. Was the wallpaper hunt successful?

  15. I'm not usually a wallpaper person, but that's nice.
    Beautiful poem, but evokes a little tightening around the heart, with Wilfie leaving so recently.