Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's the likelihood ?

Airlines call the period between August 2nd and August the 16th the ' golden nugget '. The peak travel season when their flights are full and prices, and profits, are at their highest. Here in deepest France profonde our 'golden nugget' season has suddenly drawn to an end. The tourists gone and parking spaces once again available in the market square and on the High Street. If the 'buzz' at the cafe under the arcades is anything to go by it would seem that he beer and absinthe set are happy to have the bar to themselves. 

So far in 2012 this little corner of France has seen the coldest temperatures on record, the greatest rainfall , the longest drought and now an unprecedented heatwave. The poor garden , apart from the ever spreading acanthus, is suffering. 

This morning the local paper has a less than reassuring story that the nuclear power plant down by the river can't operate if the temperature of the river water gets to 30 degrees. It's currently 26.9 , and rising. A temperature that the original planners thought would never be recorded. What's the likelihood of all that happening in one year ? Not so much climate change as climate psychosis. 

Technology corner
i-pad users may, or may not, find this ' cool '. ( Sound kicks in around 22 sec mark - the noise of the hammer hitting the screen is almost as excruciating as the speed at which he types).


  1. We've heard of four seasons in one day....but you're going for some sort of a record.

    Don't see the point of the typewriter...looks like a few steps backward. SHE learned on one of those---way back.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. An otter could type faster than that!

  3. Water at 30 degrees. That is hot! I think Bertie might even enjoy a swim in that river.

    As for the iTypewiter, it reminds me of when a friend came to stay with her young son a few years ago. Left alone in my spare bedroom, he investigated my the cupboards. He found my old electronic typewriter and was entranced to discover a gadget that you could use to type directly onto the paper rather than having to go through a printer!

  4. Even though it does not get extra quiet here, we love the peacefulness of the towns when the tourist season is over too.
    Hope the river temperature does not climb upward any further.
    Angus where do you find these videos? That iTypewriter was terrible.

  5. That is the slowest typing I've ever seen! Although it is a rather cool gadget. I'm hoping I'll be able to get an iPad later this year.

    We've had the same insane weather here in our corner of the world. The longest recorded drought and the highest recorded temperatures. I have a feeling winter is coming early, since I saw the Canadian Geese starting to gather in a local field.

  6. That Ipad typewriter is a joke, right? Seriously, who would really want to type that slow?
    Here's hoping the water starts cooling down!!!

  7. I love the pictures of your lovely town!

  8. Climate psychosis is a very accurate term. Sad it makes me.