Saturday, September 1, 2012

Autumn, cheese and pizza.

Autumn has arrived . It's almost chilly . On his way to the market Angus wonders if he should go back and get a jumper. And to think that only last week it seemed as if the heat would never end.

The first cheese lady is wrapped up for arctic conditions in a thick fleece and fur lined boots. There are two cheese ladies at the local market. Both of them developed cancer at exactly the same time , went into the same hospital, were operated on the same week , and have now returned .  Hard working, uncomplaining, always laughing. Glass half full people. Angus buys Salers and Brie from one , ' the font ' buys goats cheeses from the other.

The mayor of the small market town clearly has money left over in the budget. Planters have appeared in the most unlikely places. A line of four placed on the pavement in front of the market hall. Another six luxuriating cheerfully in front of the war memorial.

At the pizza restaurant a new addition to their repertoire . #23. The Compostella. Prawns, scallops, parsley and cheese.


  1. That sounds a terrible, terrible misuse of scallops...

    But long live the wonderful cheese ladies. (I could have done with those boots when I woke up in the unheated bunkhouse of Invershin Hotel yesterday morning, and it was minus 1ÂșC outside.)


  2. I'm so happy for you....the heat has abated.
    Love those planters, with their chartreuse potato vines and what looks like a pink mandevilla vine...lovely.
    If the mayor has more funds to spare, I could use two of those planters too.

  3. OOh lovely cheese..looking forward to being back there in October!

  4. Like Gail, I was going to encourage you to enjoy your autumn. There was snow in Crieff yesterday

  5. An unusual pizza which I will pass on, thanks anyway. Those glorious cheeses!!!! The two cheese ladies are amazing and very blessed. Bundle up, now, and savor Autumn.

  6. #23 sounds like it would be interesting. Sort of. The cheeses look delicious!

  7. Rain and more rain concludes out our rainy & disappointing summer. Fall is here too. Those cheeses look very tasty! Cheers to the cheese ladies!

  8. Autumn, cheese and pizza, three of my favorite things. :)
    Enjoy your weekend.

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  9. Glad the cheese ladies aren't as competitive as the two bakers!

    Not so sure about the latest pizza combo...the French seem to have strange ideas when it comes to pizza.

  10. The pizza sounds lovely to me. Pineapple is a popular addition where I live. Won't try it. Can't even imagine it!
    Interesting selection for an autumn planting if, indeed, the plants are mandevilla. If the temp. drops below 50F/10C they're all up.

  11. I wish both of those cheese ladies well!

    I'm sorry, but that it absolutely not pizza! Those French impostors!

  12. Love the humour and the humanity with which you define the occupants of your village - it seems their counterparts have settled in small villages all over the world!

  13. Cheese! We love cheese.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy

  14. When we lived in Italy I was surprised, at first, at the abundance of seafood pizza in the mom and pop restaurants. They were always delicious though, fired in a brick oven, Very thin crust, super fresh toppings and drizzled with olive oil. Pizza like that is rare indeed here, it is all stodgy thick crust and fake stuff with meat made from lips and ears on top.