Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn rain.

Off to the cheese shop for some laguiole for lunch. En route a very large lolloping hound wanders up to say hello. An amalgam of Alsatian, Labrador, Golden and Rhodesian Ridgeback. Affability on legs. One of those ever hopeful dogs that believes every stranger he meets might be carrying a sausage roll. Further on, by the abbey, an unsuspecting  French tourist and his two canine companions . They are about to make the acquaintance of a small, black, feisty town dog who considers this to be his territory .

It's raining. The power supply still proving to be temperamental. Half a dozen Electricite de France repair crews driving back and forwards through the village in search of the problem . 

Came across this blog which describes just how wet it is here today :



  1. Lovely photos of dogs and cheese, and an interesting thought experiment: a pleasant interlude after the morning walk round Duthie Park with Bertie in a near hurricane.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. When are your dogs arriving???? Have a great day greetings from Southern Italy Susanne, d§aisy, Foxiie and ever so curious and sweet puppy Kiri - having puppy love with Kelly the fluffy alsatian puppy -

  3. That cheese is making me hungry! It sounds like the village dogs were stealing the show today. :)

    You must have had one heck of a rainstorm! Wow!

  4. You should see the rain here - unreal! It hasn't stopped for two days - non-stop! The boys are not happy!

    Love that selection of cheese!

  5. That's an unknown cheese to me.But if it's worth a special trip, it must be delicious!

    Let's not speak of rain, OK? We too have been inundated -- but so far no hurricanes, so that is a good thing.

  6. lol. i have always wondered what total precipitable water was!
    seriously. i may never look at rain the same way again. actually i will.
    because i like my rain storms to be more romanticized than their hypothetical rain storm.
    and thank god it was only one drop!
    i love the village pictures of dogs and people and your life.
    tammy j

  7. The approach of the town dog looks a little ominous to me, hope all went well!

    The little white fluffy dog looks very similar to my little white fluffy dog, apart from my dog has ridiculously long skinny legs in proportion to his small body, like a lamb.

  8. Love those old town photos.....and dogs, of course.

    We're glad rain does come out in little drops.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Love the image of repair crews driving back and forth looking for a problem :-)

  10. Angus, where on earth (or sky in this instance) do you find these interesting websites and videos?
    I have bookmarked for future investigation, but enjoyed the Rain Drop.
    Hope the repair crews have found the problem by now, and that all is well again.

  11. Very handsome face on that large fellow. Dog, that is.