Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The perfect gentleman.

It takes about an hour and a half ( and a trip to the kitchen for a Carrs water biscuit ) but by eight thirty Max has made himself right at home . The rest of his morning is spent trying to get out of the gate to go across the lane to talk to the two cows in the field opposite. He is ultimately unsuccessful in this goal but it keeps him fully occupied until lunchtime.

Max proves to be a perfect gentleman. He used to belong to a woman who ran a pre-schoolers class from home. New health and safety legislation meant that he had to be both chained and caged when there were children about. Legislation run riot . He has now moved on to live with the French teacher . The French teacher has two thirteen year old Goldens - Sophie and Matilde - who prefer to spend their days sleeping. They do not appreciate being pestered by young Max.

Max greets the return of his mistress with a '' Oh ! It's you  " double take before happily sauntering off by her side down the lane. He turns his head and looks back at me with a reproachful " I hope there's sausages the next time " look.

' The font ' , still in London, goes to the lawyers to sign the new lease with the Idahoans. The Idahoan lady says that vegetables are so expensive in Britain '' Where do you go to buy them ? " asks ' the font ' by way of polite small talk. '' Oh that lovely little store on the corner " comes the reply.  The lovely little store on the corner is Fortnum and Masons.No wonder they think British cauliflowers are pricey.


  1. dear Handsome dog... here you are again. Such a beautiful smile you have Max. I hope there's sausages for you too next time.

  2. get a dog get a dog Angus.. a farmhouse needs a dog.. or two ;)

  3. He is a handsome fellow...going to get a new dog soon?

  4. Love the photos - especially the one with the rock to block the gate. Hope you will get a dog soon - Max is so very handsome and dignified - Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri

  5. What a lovely chap. I do hope he visits again soon.

  6. He's beautiful. Did you have to converse in French?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Six degrees of separation for humans. Seeing your photos I'm sure there are only three degrees for dogs as Max looks so much like Enzo (our 20 month old Golden Retriever whose father was imported to New Zealand from the UK)!

    Just like you, Enzo and Max's heritage goes back to the home of Golden Retrievers, which is Scotland, so in reply to Scotsmad's comment above I'm sure you and Max would have understood each other very well, and I hope you get to enjoy each other's company again.

  8. Awwwwww, Max is so sweet, love him.
    I KNEW he would warm up to you eventually, couldn't help it. He looks right at home.
    Next time he visits, make sure he has both sausages and biscuits...he would be spoiled if he were left with me.

  9. I had to grin at Scotsmad comment about French--I think to Goldens the word 'treat' is the same for them in any language--Make sure you have that sausage and a tennis ball for his next visit and he'll never want to leave!

    Enjoy your day Angus!

  10. BOL - We've been hoping to order an international basket from Fortnum and Mason - yes, that is pricey!


  11. i thought for just a minute you were going to say that because young max got on
    the other two's nerves that she was going to let him visit awhile then stay forever!
    he is beautiful! i can just feel the silk of his fur from here.
    and as to the price of vegetables in london?
    sorry... but only an american! did she never venture down the streets and find the true
    little grocers? i was delighted in the tiny shopping carts. just the right size.
    you see people here piling the big ones full. i've even seen some women pushing one full
    one and dragging another one in tandem that is half full! good grief charlie brown!!!!
    okay. stepping down from the soap box now. sorry folks. lol.
    hugs to my lad and sensible font,
    tammy j

  12. Dear Angus,

    You need a dog.


  13. He's one handsome gentleman, for sure! But then again, that's what a Golden is supposed to be. :)

    I hope 'the Font' mentioned some more affordable alternatives! lol

  14. I think Max will want to visit again, soon.

  15. I like the 4th. picture.

  16. a beautiful Golden, to be sure... I'm sure you enjoyed his company and vice versa. In the "in-between times" of our beloved Canine family members, it is nice to have brief moments with other dawgs...soulful reminders of the loyal companionship and amusement they bring to our lives. I remember many times when we went away on vacations and left our dogs behind, we would be hiking the hills or strolling the beaches and see others who were blessed enough to be able to bring their dogs with them to where they were staying...and a little pain like a "pinch" would be felt, the realization that the only thing missing in our moment of pleasure was the furry creature that would have made it all complete...made us "miss" them even more and want to get home. When you are ready...I know you will have dog-fur in your home again... :-) :-)

  17. Put in a bid for Max, a young perfect Gent, who could ask for more. Then if you still want a pair of those little Polish herders, get them and Max will be a good Dad for them.


  18. It sounds like you've enjoyed having Max there immensely! What do you mean "no sausages"? Did Wilf and Digby teach you nothing? :)

  19. Beautiful boy! What soulful eyes! Hopefully he'll return and sausages will be on the menu, Cumberland perhaps?! :)

  20. Max is a very handsome lad and obviously devoted to his mistress.

    Cauliflower from F and M. Priceless!

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie