Monday, September 17, 2012

Expensive cakes. A melancholic Call me Maybe ?

Sunday lunchtime. Half an hour down the motorway to the departmental capital. A mini Paris. A place with a museum full of stuffed birds, an eye wateringly expensive restaurant and the headquarters of the local tax authority. The second and third facts may somehow be related.

In the square facing the ' fiscales ' a very upmarket patiserrie . Angus eyes a strawberry cake for €40. ' The font ' points out that's $50 at todays exchange rate.We have a coffee instead.

Every college sports team has done a video lip syncing to ' Call me Maybe ' . A catchy little tune that a lot of us find ourselves, involuntarily, humming as we drive along. What do you think of this version filmed on campus in New Haven ? Clever or melancholic ?


  1. One suspects a bloated tax authority...

  2. You really need to get your new pups soon, I just can't handle the endless bakery!


  3. We hear the song every nauseam. The cakes are too steep for our pockets. We'll just enjoy looking at them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Not my favorite version, but still very enjoyable.

    The cakes are little works of art.

  5. Just adore those cakes! One of the things I miss most about living in Brussels - the wonderful cakes available in the local patiserrie. Our local bakery here just isn't the same!

    Good version of Call Me Maybe - have you heard the Obama version?

    Clive & Co

  6. I think this version of 'Call Me Maybe' is clever and a lot melancholy, especially on a Monday morning. I wouldn't mind trying each 'version' of the cakes with strawberry!

  7. That's some expensive cake!

    That is a bit melancholy. My favorite version is the one with Corgi Rae!

  8. The little orange cale! So outrageous! I want it!
    I love your patiserrie photos! The thrill of it all and staying slim too! But, if I were there I'd easily succumb.
    Love to all.

  9. a fifty dollar cake. i'm sorry. somehow it loses me in translation.
    gives a whole new meaning to marie antoinette's flip answer . . . "let them eat cake!"
    no wonder she lost her head.
    i would rather eat one of the font's delicious creations.
    or better yet . . . i'd rather sit and share stories about wilf over a dish of coconut
    ice cream.
    love and hugs to my lad,
    tammy j

  10. I enjoyed the singers and musicians having so much fun!

  11. I'll take the fruit tart - and I loved that version of the song! I agree with Jake - the singers and musicians looked like they were having a great time. Also enjoyed the US Olympic Swimmers' version and the Romney/Obama version! Is one of the cost centers preforming in the Yale version?

  12. Oh my goodness, the tarts look delicious, but I wouldn't pay that kind of money for them.

    I think it is clever, everyone it seems is doing their rendition of this song, so why not the orchestra.

  13. Iv'e never seen a black cake before.

  14. That tarte aux fruites look absolutely delicious!

  15. I'm guessing "the font" thinks in US dollars, not UK pounds. I love the "Tarte Aux Fruits" - it looks delicious and not just because it has Kiwifruit on it. It still amazes me that New Zealand could rebrand a fruit in the 1960's from "Chinese Gooseberry" (which is the name I first learnt) to Kiwifruit (based on our flightless bird). The power of marketingmeant while living in London buying Kiwifruit, from Italy, just didn't seem quite right to this New Zealander!

  16. They took one song and turned it into a full-on operatta - brilliant arrangement!