Saturday, September 29, 2012

A typical Friday in France profonde.

The three young ladies return to continue the restoration of the frescoes in the church. They spend much of their morning clearing the pews from the nave and assembling their scaffolding in front of the altar. No one has told them there is a lunchtime funeral. In fact the first they hear of it is when the mourners arrive. The mourners are shortly followed by the undertakers and a coffin. The situation is further complicated by the late appearance of the very old farmer who has decided to attend the funeral in red checked pyjamas and bedroom slippers. He is eased into the vacant hearse and driven the hundred yards back to his front door.

During the funeral the deputy mayoress notices that the politically incorrect inscription about the '' hated Boche ' has been painted over. ( In the top photograph you can see a perfect, almost matching,  square has appeared on the right hand column ) The three young ladies sensibly deny having done it. The question of who else might be responsible is left moot.

The mayor calls an emergency village meeting for this evening.


  1. Was the very old farmer family? Or just there to join in the fun?

    It's the same in the UK. Much younger people with full mental capacities have been chucked out of Tesco and benefit offices for turning up in their nightwear. It's the difference between not remembering and not bothering how one should really dress for and occasion I suppose.

  2. Mischief abounds in your corner of France profonde--First the croissants and now this.

  3. What an interesting life you lead....thank goodness for this blog to keep us all updated with smiles.
    I am sure "no one" is going to admit painting over the politically incorrect inscription....keep us posted on the emergency village meeting.

  4. A standing-room-only funeral service!

  5. Life is never dull there in France! I'm curious to see how the mystery of the painted fresco turns out. At least there's still a place in the world where someone who shows up in their pajamas will be informed that it's inappropriate attire.

  6. Art and history defiled! And by whose hand?
    The nerve!

  7. Good gracious, this is quite a dither. Red pajamas, fresco vandals and a funeral. Almost a setting for an Agatha Christie novel. Please take notes at the emergency meeting.

  8. I do hope you attend the mayor's emergency meeting tonight and take copious notes so we can be informed (in detail) what is going on! Such excitement in your part of the world.