Friday, September 21, 2012

Humorous gargoyles.

Toulouse has some of the best museums in France. One museum has a collection of gargoyles. An esoteric subject  for a museum but one which, close up, proves to be remarkably interesting. Gargoyles are supposed to be frighteningly demonic but these twelfth century ones look like a large pack of happy howling dogs.

After a long morning in the museum , lunch at Brasserie Flo. A creme brulee to finish. ' The font ' captures the flames but not the look of perfect contentment on this bloggers face.

Home to find Madame Bay has thrown all the windows in the rickety old farmhouse wide open.  '' Bonjour ! I'm spring cleaning " she says by way of greeting . Since we last saw her Madame Bay has been to see Sandrine , her hairdresser daughter. Where once there was a granny perm there is now a gravity defying explosion of hair that rises vertically upwards . It's as if our saintly septaguenarian has wandered into a strong force field. Over dinner ' the font ' suggests that perhaps Madame Bay and her daughter have had an argument and this ' creation ' is Sandrines revenge. Either that or the towns old folk are about to experience an unexpected makeover.


  1. The definition of the man who misses having a dog - he seeks them out wherever he goes, even in gargoyle museums in Toulouse...

  2. I like those gargoyles and the way they have been displayed. I like the look of that creme brûlée. It looks enormous! Very good. Madame Bay is an inspiration. Your villages version of Vivienne Westwood!

  3. Keep safe from Sandrine --- today is another happy dog day - going to the local thermal "font" of all well-being with a Parisian dog and mine and meeting with the local Alsatian puppy - happy days - love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri

  4. We thought the dogs were singing! We've never seen a creme brulee THAT LARGE!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Aren't they lovely? Have finally caught up with your adventures, as we're having some of our own in our version of the rickety old farmhouse. Glad to see all is going well!

  6. I love those gargoyles!

    And that dessert! You are one lucky guy!

    Perhaps Madame Bay will go for a Bride of Frankenstein look for Halloween...

  7. Enchanting gargoyles! Certainly not frightening. A massive creme brulee; great photo of the flames. You two certainly know how to have a good time!

  8. Such a cheerful stone chorus.
    And Creme Brulee. Not much better in the culinary world.

  9. How I love the choir of howling doggy gargoyles! Lovely, lovely and great fun!

  10. Wow! Is that the normal serving size in France? That thing is jealous! Carrie

  11. I loved the gargoyles; they more resemble a chorus of big dogs, not a bit scary. How many others were you sharing the creme brulee with?



  12. The creme brulee.....was it as heavenly as it looks?
    And it looks very, very heavenly.
    The gargoyles look like a pack of friendly coyotes .
    Mme. Bay's new hair style is one that has been favoured by elderly women here for several years now. A cross between punk and baby chicks. I don't quite understand it, though.

  13. those doggie gargoyles are wonderful!!

  14. ooh that first one has gargoyle paws/claws, but otherwise you'd never know they were supposed to be frightening!

    Hmm, I don't care for creme brulee, don't like milky type puddings. But for the man who does, that sure is a large one! I can imagine you were indeed content.

    Have I ever mentioned that I love the name Sandrine.

  15. I love the gargoyles. They are much more humorous than any art that I saw while in France!

    So, a force field is holding up Madame Bay's hair. What a daughter!

  16. Your waistline is a good advertisement for a daily cake (or two)

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