Friday, September 28, 2012

The little nut parade.

A sunny start to the day. All the farmhouse windows wide open and the sound of 'Moon River' wafting across the village green . Madame Bay is enthusiastically singing along to Radio Nostalgies Andy Williams special . Four hours of ' back to back ' music. ' Moon River, Where do I begin ? , Can't help falling in love '. Madame Bay apparently knows , or at least can trill along to , them all . Every ten minutes Radio Nostalgie plays a track from one of the old crooners Christmas shows. When you have four hours to fill you have to use all the material you can muster. Here in deepest France profonde there is apparently nothing incongruous about playing 'The Little Drummer Boy' or ' Hark the Herald Angels Sing ' in September.

The weekend of the annual nut festival is almost upon us. Madame Bay is very excited. Her granddaughters and great granddaughters are taking part in the little nuts parade. This information is passed onto me without even a hint of a smile. Presumably it gains something in translation.The highlight of the weekend will be the crowning of King and Queen Nut 2012 at noon on Sunday.

This morning the baker has made a wonderful chocolate sponge.  It joins the croissants and a baguette in the back of the car.


  1. I can't resist the obvious comment here. Any long term reader of your blog will have concluded long ago that you live in the midst a 'nut parade'.

  2. Who could resist that chocolate cake though! It's fabulous!

    Love the idea of 'little nuts', king and queen nuts - can't stop laughing here.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The thought of Madame Bay and Sandrine featuring in a nuts parade...little or not, just makes us laugh.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Hello Angus! This weekend while you enjoy the 'nut parade' I'll be attending our towns annual Octoberfest that also has a parade--I wonder how closely they will resemble one another?

    Do the cakes and other pastries taste as amazing as they look?

  5. Sad about Andy Williams, may he rest in peace.

    This nut parade is too funny. No one can make this stuff up!

  6. Annual Nut Festival, Housekeeper who knows all of Andy William's songs, and wonderful baked goods (chocolate sponge looks delicious), what more could you ask for this weekend? Enjoy!!

  7. Maggie Smith starred in a wonderful
    made-for-TV movie, "My House in Umbria"
    which concludes with Andy Williams'
    rendition of "September Song" as the
    credits roll. It's worth watching the
    DVD just to listen to that, but it's
    also a great of Maggie's

    Enjoy that work of art chocolate sponge!

  8. I'm not going to lie, I can't wait to hear about the crowning of King Nut! *grin*

  9. . . . and there i had my eye on the fraisier!
    if that stuff tastes only one tenth as good as it looks . . . wow!
    (my apologies to le bon boulanger for calling his beautiful stuff, stuff!)
    and ~ how lovely that they paid tribute to andy over there.
    i doubt if they played any over here, except as short clips to tell of his leaving.
    my brother and his wife went to branson a couple of christmases ago and saw his show there.
    still! at 82 years old. apparently he sang for over and hour and even hit all higer notes perfectly!
    an amazing voice. sad that they're all leaving now. whole 'era's' gone with their passing.
    hey . . . be sure and tell whoever's chosen king and queen nut there, that then they can come
    to la america and run for congress! they will have the perfect credentials!
    hugs to my lad,
    tammy j

  10. Can R be crowned as the "King Nut"? He definitely belongs in that parade.

    Many laughs here. You never fail to tickle my funny bone.

  11. Which baker? The old one or the new one?

  12. I thought at first this was a comment on the Mitt Romney campaign.
    Your parade of nuts sounds much more enjoyable.

  13. The chocolate sponge is so simple and elegant. I know it's flavor will be amazing and I'll be off dreaming again. Don't see any of the cakes with nuts in honor of the occasion, though.

  14. Yummy treats and a nice tribute to Andy Williams, RIP.