Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What the well dressed Scotsman is wearing.

'' So, this is what the well dressed Scotsman is wearing this autumn " says  ' the font ' passing an article in the morning paper across the cafe table. The beer and absinthe crowd look up, briefly, as Angus chortles.

Back in the village three  young ladies have arrived to start restoring the frescoes in the church. They chain smoke in turns. One of them is always standing by the porch, Gauloise in hand , while the others swarm up the scaffolding. After a first tentative scrub with detergent Joan of Arc seems to have lost some of her green, kryptonite, glow. 

The young ladies have brought with them a small, shaggy and very proprietorial dog. This stands in the lane outside the church and frowns at everyone and everything that passes. No doubting who is in charge of this village.


  1. Oh I do like the dog. Something of my own colouring there. You stay in charge and keep everyone in order pal.
    And if ever anyone should buy Angus a pair of 'well dressed Scotsman' slippers for Christmas, I think he might be inviting you round for a chewing session.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Oh, we think you should show up in to your next conference with 'the men in suits' wearing the tartan!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. I like those tartan drainpipes but maybe you think a kilt is more comfortable?

  4. I do hope the three young chain smokers don't spoil those lovely colours with tobacco brown. That little fluffy fellow does look very busy indeed.
    I'm usually rather a fan of a kilt, always dashing, but all I like are the muck boots from those pictures. I might be getting a little set in my ways.
    Have a great day.
    Teena & Merlin

  5. Do you really start out with ordinary detergent to restore old frescoes? That's scary...hope those young ladies know what they're doing.
    I've had two workmen here on a job...the one who was not hired by me, sat and smoked all day long, talking and distracting the other guy. At the end of the day, both workmen showed up to be paid....of course I only paid the one who actually worked, much to the chagrin of the other.
    That little dog reminds me of my Einstein (rest his soul), as proprietorial as they come....they mean business.
    Angus the only Scots wear in that ad that I like for you would be the the guy #20 jacket.

  6. A little sausage strategy will work to establish good neighboural terms --- glad to see a dog in your blog - please keep the Wilf and Digby blog in the net - so I can keep reading it and recommanding it - like to my Vet friend in Austria...
    Three happy woofs from Ischia Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri

  7. Angus would truly give the Mayor a run for his money in the fashion department, sporting one of these Tartan affairs; perhaps one could find a porkpie hat done up in plaid!

    Now this little dog looks quite intrepid, a true keeper of the peace.

  8. I'm sure you can charm the scruffy little fellow! Perhaps he'd like you better if you had some of those Christian Louboutin shoes. Somehow, I'm not picturing you as the well-dressed Scotsman type!

    I hope the frescoes in the church turn out well!

  9. Angus, I vote with "fleurlilian" please, keep the Wilf and Digby blog up and running. There are so many great stories and pictures it would be a great lost if people couldn't visit these blogs.

  10. oh dear heaven. they've finally lost their designer minds.
    no self respecting man would be caught dead in those get-ups.
    i love kilts! so dashing. but... a huge all tartan suit? hahahaha.
    that cute little furry fella looks like he tried to be three different kinds of dog.
    have never yet met one i didn't like... even the grumpy little supervisors!
    hugs to my scots lad with taste,
    tammy j

  11. I rather like the plaid pants, but prefer the tartan to be of my own clan, Cameron! Then I'd wear them for sure. With wellies.

    That dog looks like it means business!

  12. Oh those pumps, Angus. Perfect for breakfast wear with the beer and absinthe crowd. The dizzying plaid, the sun glaring off of the gold colored studs. Perfect.

    Carnaby Street returns with a vengeance.

  13.'s hoping the style doesn't come across the ocean. Having some Scotch/Irish in me, I'm all for a Tartan or plaid kilt or pair of trousers, but oh my. Walking with a man in a full suit would make me feel like I was being escorted by a Those sparkley shoes would go well with Liberace or Elton John, me thinks...anybody else????, not so much...appreciating the He-man look more and more... ;-)


  15. What the well dressed Scotsman is wearing would not be looked upon with favor by the jeans and work shirt wearing man at my house. ;)
    Love the pup and it's cute scruffy face.

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and MAx

  16. Always wanted to see a photo of the mayor...

  17. When i read the title i was expecting a picture of Andy Murray--watching too much tennis??
    Love the pup, I'll bet he'll be visiting the farmhouse by the time they finish--if they finish--in a few years.