Saturday, September 29, 2012

Divided by a common language.

An academic in Pennsylvania writes an entertaining blog about Britsh terms creeping into the American language. According to this post Americans don't use the term ' jumble sale '. What term do they use ? Do Canadians or Australians know what a jumble sale is ?


  1. Here in the States we have tons (or is it tonnes?) of words for this type of event.
    Yard sale, garage sale, flea market and yes, jumble sale. Boot sale is some event at a shoe store. Trunk sales are fancy schmancy designer clothes sales at department stores.

  2. I've not heard of 'jumble sales' before. But the above comment is right--In my corner of Virginia we call them yard sales. The Amish in Pennsylvania have Mud sales which are annual auctions/sales held at a number of local fire companies selling anything from Amish quilts and antiques to local produce, buggies and lawn equipment--Sounds like a yard sale to me! :-)

  3. angus ...
    don't know how to reach you other than here! so sorry ...
    i talked about you and the farmhouse today on my blog.
    but more than that i even added the link (within) the link
    you posted here! i'm new to ALL of this. and i don't know if
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    let me know if i shouldn't have for whatever reason and
    i'll take it off.

    1. Tammy J - What a lovely blog ! Keep up the good work .

  4. We're more 'White Elephant', garage sales...fetes...boot sales... Only heard of jumble sales on British telly and in books.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Here in Canada I've heard of jumble sales from my Brit friends. We usually say garage sale or flea market, but jumble sale sounds more attractive and accurate for that matter!

  6. Being Canadian, we usually call it garage sales, yard sales, flea markets. Have heard of jumble sale by my Grandfather (originally from Dingwall, Scotland). :)

  7. In the Upper Midwest USA its often Rummage Sale or Yard Sale. An Aussie friend always uses Jumble Sale so I
    know its pretty popular there.

    Whatever you call them, they are usually good fun.

    Jo, Stella and zkhat

  8. Australian's definately have jumble sales, garage sales and swap meets but never ever boot sales or yard sales!

  9. Growing up under the Union Jack, I certainly only knew of jumble sales. Now all the Americanisms have crept into the society, so I hardly hear that term mentioned anymore. It's now yard sale, garage sale, car boot sale, flea market and everything must go sale.

  10. Having lived in Australia, Ireland, Canada and the USA, I use all to describe Jumble sale, which I prefer for its sheer sound. I have had to repeat myself and search for the alternative words for many items, such as couch, sofa, davenport, settee, futon.

    Your village sounds like a lot of fun and good old fashioned local politics.


  11. I've never heard of a jumble sale, but garage sales and yard sales are plentiful around here.