Thursday, September 27, 2012

A long lost cousin.

A thirty something woman in fish net stockings, vertigo inducing heels and black mini skirt bustles into the airport departure lounge. She sits down then quickly stands up again before moving off in search of somewhere quieter. This process repeated at least half a dozen times before a suitable spot is found. Satisfied, she looks distractedly around, adjusts the two large red pompoms in her hair and then begins to unpack the contents of a maroon wheelie bag. Each item is carefully unfolded and laid out in a line on the bench beside her. Bag finally empty she tucks her feet under her and begins to hum ; quietly at first, then with increasing confidence. 

It is at this point she notices Angus. First she smiles, then she waves, then she starts to chat contentedly away across the terminal as if we're long lost cousins. " Do you think this suits me ? " she asks in Spanish , holding up each item of clothing ( some more personal than others )  in turn, in front of her. The other passengers look away. Angus wishes he could be swallowed up by the ground . He hasn't been so intimidated since he was forced to hide in the Gents washroom at Orly airport by an outgoing Frenchwoman who insisted he share her ham and cheese baguette.

After the stress of the journey a restorative afternoon tea in Fortnums. On the way out a quick detour to the counter that sells marzipan fruit. '' They're made of marzipan " says the woman behind the counter. A somewhat nonplussed Angus wonders if anyone buys them thinking they're real. 

This will be amazing :


  1. Angus, I am forced to wonder what it is about you that proves so attractive to eccentrics....

  2. Ahhhhh the people you meet travelling. SHE often meets the eccentrics and has realised it's because SHE makes eye contact....a mistake.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy

    Perhaps she was a cousin of Madame Bay's.

  3. Did you pick up a cauliflower after
    tea at Fortnum's? Perhaps they make a
    marzipan version.

    Scotsmad's right. Avoid eye contact
    when in doubt.

  4. Yikes, what a story!!!! In other news, I have never enjoyed marzipan.

  5. You have got a magnet my friend...just like me...."they" all seem to congregate to me like a moth to a night light.
    I agree with Sheila above....avoid eye contact....sometimes quite hard to achieve with the good hearts that we case someone is in need.
    So sorry for this lady though, she is obviously disturbed...was she traveling alone?? So sad.

  6. Um, well, at least she didn't pull out her sketchpad and ask you to model for her! lol I am a magnet for every freak and weirdo and if one is around, they will find me. I have no idea why this happens, but you have my sympathies!

    I have got to remember to watch for that comet! How cool!

  7. And you didn't make a run for the Gents this time? We you afraid you'd be followed and cornered?
    Maybe she she was a highly enterprising professional girlfriend using layover time as such.
    I bought myself a Princess Cake for one of "those" birthdays from a bakery where I used to live. Hadn't had marzipan in years and found it and the cake delightful.. The photo of the fruit had me guessing too.

  8. An awkward encounter with this odd person; perhaps that wasn't even her own luggage...trying out someone else's wardrobe. I read about this approaching comet yesterday and can't wait for its arrival! Celestial events are always interesting and exciting...better than anything at, say, an airport.

  9. oh how exciting about the comet! i'll be sure and watch for it.
    if we survive december 21, 2012 that is. LOL.

    maybe your 'long lost cousin' was . . .
    well . . . words fail me. i don't know what she was! just a lonely
    poor soul i guess. and you have that dear lad's face that says . . .
    "i put up with french plumbers. i can put up with you."

    i figured you'd be in greece with the dark suits helping them sort out their
    colossal mess! glad you're home.

  10. I feel very disturbed by people who invade public spaces and have no manners... like screaming on the buses, plucking and shaving their... and legs ------- a gorilla has grace and humans? Greetings from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy (bit exuberant), Sir Foxiie (very distingished) Kiri (young gentleman starting his apprenticeship)


    dog news!!!

  12. Sounds like you borrowed the "Come Here Weirdo" button my husband occasionally wears.
    This sort of thing happens to him all the time.

  13. What shiny oranges! Well, the power of eye connection is amazing isn't it? At least she didn't try on the clothing. Glass half full kind of thing....

  14. That's quite funny, sad if you think about it very much, but some things are best not to ponder. I'll go with funny.
    I have been told, many times, that I give off a stuck up, snooty vibe. Thankfully I am always told this by people who I have not scared away and who tell me I turn out to me much different than they thought. Never thought having a don't talk to me aura was a good thing, but perhaps it saves me from the unusual people!

  15. My ex husband is like that too!

  16. Were you wearing a kilt or those tartan drainpipes?