Saturday, September 8, 2012

Political correctness.

The temperature back up into the high 90's. The roofers dog spends his day asleep in the shade. Hugo the malevolent Maltese wanders through the front gates at eleven but wanders home again shortly after. Simply too hot.

In the church the three ladies from Toulouse have finished filling in the cracks in the frescoes. Joan of Arc already restored to rude health. Her green kryptonite skin tone washed away.

A matter of some delicacy now faces the town council. The war memorial refers to the '' defeat of the savage Boches ''. The Department of Culture wants this politically incorrect reference to be whitewashed out. The older villagers want it kept. A letter demanding the removal of the offending text has been sent to the mayor by some government official. It is the first item on the agenda for next weeks village council meeting. The villagers are up in arms. Angus looks forward to a week of not so fraternal Euro-diplomacy.


  1. That is a delicate problem. We'd hate for the little village to be the spark that ignites an international incident.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. We have a similar problem here. A statue of Lord Horatio Nelson adorns the city square...many folks would like to have him removed, because he encouraged the enslavement of Africans, and therefore not loved by the majority of the islanders who are of African decent.
    Glad to hear that the restoration work on the frescoes is coming along nicely.
    The roofer's dog reminds me of an Alsatian we had when I was a child by the name of Commando, the most sweet,calm and loving companion, despite his name.

  3. I recently read that Alsatians (as these dogs were always called in my childhood in the UK) had not in fact always been known as Alsatians, but that their original (and now revived) breed name of 'German Shepherd' had been used in Great Britain up to WWI. After the Great War their name had been changed to the less contentious 'Alsatian' due to sensitivities around the word 'German'.
    Political correctness, eh!

  4. I find that 'political correctness' trumps practically anything historical, especially if it's an election year.

  5. Angus, your mention of 'Roadsters' last week made me think of you when I saw this. Perhaps your new roadster is among this collection:

    Enjoy your day!

  6. i love seeing the little french "commando" under the truck.
    am reading eckhart tolle right now, 'the power of now.' interesting that
    according to him we would be happier if we live only in the now of things...
    yet the past and reminders of it are ever with us... as in the church fresco...
    causing such a stir even now. oh well. you are neutral in the rickety old farmhouse!
    a very smart place to be!

  7. Mark Twain, of all people, wrote a wonderful biography of Joan of Arc. I highly recommend it!

  8. Leave it as it is, I would. Put up something next to it to explain that time moves on.

    It's real. Anything Bowdlerised won't be.

  9. I would leave it as it is! It's a reflection on the history of the time, not an intentional slur. We can't let political correctness erase history!

  10. I had to look up the term boche. If it is a racial slur my vote would be to remove it. So easy for me to say, as I conveniently don't get a vote and I didn't suffer horribly at the hands of an enemy. It is just that hitler was the ultimate racist. The memorial, in my opinion, would have even more symbolic power if it did not align itslef at all with that kind of thinking. If the words are removed (and I'm thinking they will be) I only hope that the elderly people of the village will ultimately be able to see it the way I see it, so they will not feel hurt, but feel that it is the right thing to do, the anti nazi thing to do.

  11. Very well put, houndstooth.
    We fully agree it should be left as it as is and wholeheartedly agree with houndstooth's rationale.

    We also strongly trust your diplomatic skills, Angus.

  12. I am with the majority,Angus. Houndstooth is right. Let sleeping dogs lie.