Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bugs, the gate and a tricky decision.

Well mannered weather. Rain at night. Clear and bright in the mornings, sunny and warm in the afternoons. Perfect were it not for the arrival on the lawn of small biting insects with a passion for ankles and necks.

The roofer arrives to finish off the barn . His dog sleeps for an hour then wanders off in search of Hugo the malevolent Maltese .In the attic of the barn the roofer finds an ox yoke. '' Don't see many of those these days " he says.

Mid-afternoon. The builder shows up to repair the gates . Usually , Madame Bay drives her little car through the large gates at the far end of the garden. However, while we were  away in Maine she decided to bring her gold ' Wild Child ' voiturette through the narrower gates by the front door . Madame Bay failed to allow for the difference in width. Left wing of the voiturette and right gate unexpectedly came into contact . For the last six weeks  the top of the gate has been left hanging away from the wall. Madame Bay has started to re-use the wider gates.

In the garden the exotic pineapple plants have started to reappear. Amazing what weeding , a drop of rain and some sunshine can bring to light.

Tonight the town council meeting about the frescoes. Whatever happens Angus will most certainly not be venturing an opinion on whether the offending wording should , or should not, be painted over. Foreigners are well advised to leave some decisions well alone.


  1. Should be an interesting meeting....lots of fireworks...and perhaps a Jack Russell or two.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. At first glance I took in that "the builder arrives to finish off the barn...sleeps for an hour....wanders off... " So, life and normal chez, Angus, I was thinking. Only when I got to the " search of the malevolent Maltese..." bit did I realise we were talking about the dog.
    PS Can't wait to hear the outcome of tonight's meeting. I'm betting on a heated debate and resort to alcohol at some stage.

  3. Madame Bay and her "Wild Child" voiturette...why would she decide to use the smaller gates when you are away? Is it when the cat's away, the mice will play?
    I don't think her elevator goes right up to the top floor....
    Glad the gate is fixed again.
    Have fun at the town council meeting tonight, and as you have already realised, it's best to keep quiet on certain matters.
    Here we have some sandflies/midges that can eat you alive at certain times of the day (early morning/late evening), I use Demon EC to spray the property to keep them away, not sure what you have in your part of the woods, but something to control flying insects should suffice.

  4. oh to be able to sit on that terraced balcony and have a glass
    or a cup of something. or even coconut ice cream. heaven.
    madame bay versus a 200+ year old gate? and madame bay won? good grief.

    funny ... i don't think of you as a foreigner anymore. i bet they don't either.
    just one of them ... only with a whole lot more common sense and style and humour ...
    and patience! lol.

  5. Good luck with that town council meeting! If it is anything like the meetings at our local Spanish town council meetings - sparks will be flying!!

  6. I learned the lesson early when I lived in Paris: "furriners should should usually keep quiet on sensitive local issues." But I agree with Tammy -- you and the font seem to be considered family.

  7. Watch out for those bugs! So annoying!

  8. I hate biting bugs!

    What are you going to do with the ox yoke?

    Madame Bay hitting something with the car? Gee, who would expect that to happen?

  9. At first glance I wondered if Max had done that to the gate, that his valiant attempts to go visit the cows were more persistent than I had imagined!

    Perhaps Madame Bay was wearing an even more exuberant than usual turban that day and it hindered her peripheral vision.

  10. I had wondered why you had rocks keeping your gates shut.