Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dinner with the Duke.

A day spent working on the cow issue. According to the mayor the farmer is doing well. Very well.  Thanks to the recent surge in the price of wheat the money is rolling in. In fact the grain harvest has  become so profitable that he's spending all his time on his wheat crop and little or no time on his livestock. The relay of water buckets continues. The mayor drops off some hay which the cows quickly devour .

Angus has a slight run in with the barbed wire around the cows field. Pouring water from a bucket into a trough from the top of slippery slope while simultaneously waving at the post lady not a good idea. ' The font ' drives off to the local town for bandges and antiseptic spray.

To dinner with the local duke and duchess. 'The font' has patched Angus up but suggests he wear a jacket to cover  some of the perforations.  

A lovely little castle on top of a hill. A wonderful courtyard garedn. The dukes family have occupied the same house since the 12th century. Wars and revolutions passing them by. Sartorial elegance is in short supply. Extremely short supply. Our host greets us in the courtyard. He is dressed in white linen trousers ( with drawstring tied flamboyantly in front ), white linen shirt and bright red Crocs. She, barefooted, is wearing ( so ' the font ' tells me ) a brown calico dress and a pair of huge, dangly, brass earrings.The pair of them completely loopy in the way only the very ancient aristocracy can be. 

The duchess is followed everywhere by three clumber spaniels, one of whom , Lucy,  is very old. He is followed round by an amiable Newfoundland who rejoices in the name of George. A glass of champagne from Aldi to welcome us across the threshold. For dinner chicken followed by a chunk of brownie and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream . A bottle of elderflower wine . Lucy, as befits her age, gets fed from the table.  Afterwards the duchess climbs the steps at the end of the dining room , picks up a violin , scrapes the strings and sings. The duke applauds.The clumbers look on adoringly. George sleeps. We leave.


  1. The intrusion of the 21st century in the form of bright red Crocs. An interesting note.

  2. The farmers complete lack of interest does not bode well for the cows. They are lucky to be in a caring community.

    The duke and duchess sound like a riot! When your ears stop ringing from the violin solo, you might consider getting a tetanus shot.

  3. What a lovely evening (I think).

    What lovely photos (for sure)

  4. Don't suppose the Bad Farmer would be amenable to a word from the Duke about his neglect of his livestock? Besides the poor cows, what/who else is suffering on that farm? That farmer makes us really hope there is such a thing as karma.

    Did the Travelling Farmer also leave behind livestock demanding your care?

    We really like the font's choice of wallpaper. Did she find that pattern during her search, or settle on something else, or is she still looking? We're looking forward to the posts about dealing with the artisans who show up to install the wallpaper.

    Jed & Abby

  5. SHE would love to have enough money to be eccentric, but alas, SHE'd just be labelled 'crazy'.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Bravo to you and the font AND the mayor for doing the right thing for those cows. Clumbers, a Newfie and brownies at dinner sound delightful - a violin recital post dinner...not so much.

  7. Bravo to you and the font AND the mayor for doing the right thing for those cows. Clumbers, a Newfie and brownies at dinner sound delightful - a violin recital post dinner...not so much.

  8. Angus please tell me you have had a tetanus shot recently! If not you need to get your doc today and tell him about your run in with the fence....I am a nurse so listen up! Lol! I am not going to let this go so follow up please! E.

  9. another wonderful post...
    other than the wicket fence lacerations ... painful!
    and the fact that that evil greedy farmer will allow
    you and the font to do his work for him. surely something can
    be done. how long can you keep up the buckets and the food?
    i think the font should call a town meeting and make his neglect public!
    hugs and empathy,
    tammy j

  10. Does the neglectful farmer have a family? Wife, kids? Perhaps he is old and is beginning to suffer dementia, Alzheimers? If he has been a good caretaker over the years, and this is sudden, he needs some personal help as much as his cows do!


  11. Clumber Spaniels and Newfoundlands.
    Two of my favourites, absolutely.
    Sounds like an inspiring evening. Everything is material, you know!

  12. I'm just so sad about the cows. I do hope the farmer is mentally well, and if he is . .. well, some things are best left unsaid . . .

  13. I'm sure once Madame Bay knows about the cow situation, that it will be known to others too.
    What a kind Mayor, and you too Angus.
    Hope your scrapes are much better today.

  14. Barbed wire fence is not to be tangled with!

    Your dinner sounds like an interesting experience. How you end up in these places always amazes me! lol

  15. The castle and the views - just fabulous!