Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swedish humour.

Off to Toulouse for the night. We leave the large, town unfriendly, 4x4 at home and set off in the battered old Volkswagen. The doorman at the hotel, resplendent in top hat and tails,  looks at us snootily with a mixture of contempt and amazement. He peers briefly inside the car and then beats a hasty retreat. His body language suggests that he'd like us to disappear. Maybe he's alarmed by the rear carpet with its immovable dog hairs or the equally immovable stains on the back seat where Digby used to snore and drool contentedly away.  No denying that our trusty old health hazard on wheels is a somewhat incongruous sight amongst the Porsches and Mercedes lined up outside. 

'' The font '' shouts after the rapidly disappearing figure . '' Young man ! Could you please park this for me ?
Oh and do be careful with it ". This all said with the warmest of smiles. Swedish  humour . The top hatted young man mutters something inaudible under his breath and the old VW disappears from the front of the hotel into the anonymity of the carpark amazingly quickly.

Toulouse a lovely , and largely unknown, city. Like Barcelona but without the crowds. Outside the higgledy piggledy cathedral the most wonderful cake shop.  In the cloisters of the convent they're growing all sorts of squash. A real medieval garden.


  1. We too lost a dearly beloved canine companion
    in the Spring. After so many "ridies" the
    dog hairs will be there forever no matter how
    often it's vacuumed. They bring back great
    memories, don't they.

    You have an amazing ability to quickly find
    the pastry shops, Angus, no matter where you

  2. People look at me the same way when they see my van full of dog hair and no middle seats! I'm glad you had an enjoyable time!

  3. It's hard to part with those last reminders of beloved canine companions. I have to say that I am a big fan of Swedish humor, now that I've learned to recognize and appreciate it!

  4. One more comment. Apropos of your post
    yesterday, be sure to read the Op-Ed
    piece in today's NYTimes: "Mr. and Mrs
    Jesus Christ." One had to know that it
    wouldn't take long for the Catholic
    church to clamp down on any such

  5. bless the font! lol. she's the beautiful equivalent of jack benny.
    minus the (pseudo) lack of generosity of course. (because we know that in real
    life he was most generous, as is she) but he had that droll, is he joking? is he serious?
    down to perfection.
    little did that sorry snooty french footman know that, that small car has carried
    royalty. wilf and digby.

  6. Gotta love "the font", love her sense of humor. Those pumpkins look fabulous!

  7. We used to own a similarly questionable VW.
    Now valets fight over who gets to park the Fiat.
    Toulouse looks wonderful! Have fun!

  8. Reminds me of when I worked in London and used to enjoy going into smart ladies clothes shops in my cycling gear...
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS I'm sure the doorman would respect a Mini.

  9. Enjoy your time in Toulouse! That cathedral, with cake, looks just wonderful!!! (I do not know why but I seem to use exclamations a lot).

  10. What a beautiful and delightful cake! And the colour is just exquisite. Thank you, Angus.
    Your experience with the hotel valet reminds me of a similar one I had at a very pretentious auto show/auction attempting to valet park my 20+ year old E Class with it's 300,000 miles, sticky standard transmission, balding sheepskin seat covers and hanging passenger visor. Valets ran off to every other car leaving mine to sit forlornly in the drive. If it hadn't been blocking traffic, it would probably still be there.

  11. Totally understand. I used to get the sunday papers at a ritzy hotel. Just ran in and bought the paper and ran out. I was requested to park my beat up VW beetle elsewhere!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Fantastic, well done Mme Font. Yes, I like Toulouse too. You must keep the VW forever..