Thursday, February 28, 2013

Squeeeee ...

A day spent on the phone to breeders. It seems there are a lot of  PON's out there who are taking a long time to get round to doing ' what comes naturally '. 

A brother and sister born on January 9th and two brothers born on February 2nd. The first pair ready for a home now. The two brothers looking for a  home in early April. The only problem is that both pairs are being offered by the same breeder. Could this mean it's a puppy farm ? The woman is happy for us to come and see them at the end of next week. She's showing in Paris this weekend. That's got to be a good sign. Right ?


  1. Sounds good to us. If she's happy for you to see them where she breeds them, it's a good sign. Oh, we are so excited for you and Squeeee is definitely the right title.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Oh yes they do look absolutely beautiful. But I'm sure you'll do a bit of 'due diligence' on the breeder.
    Hoping for a happy outcome!

  3. Oh I do so hope it's not a puppy farm. It's unlikely if you are invited to see where they were born. There must be something you can find on the internet about the breeder.
    They are so adorable, how could you resist? Now is exactly the right time of year to start their lives with you. Good luck !!

  4. Maybe go to the show in Paris - talk to other PON owners there and then you will know more about her (or about other PON breeders). From your blog, I sense how you are with dogs but I hope that the breeder will interview you as much as you interview her, as both sides should want the best for the pups not just a quick turnover of animals.

    As for waiting, the phrase "good things take time" comes to mind so I know you will find the right pups for you and "the font" when the time is right.

  5. Take girl + boy! Or both pairs. No advice on puppy farm question as my suggestions have already been used up ;)

  6. How exciting... the timing will depend on whether you are ready for them now, in which case, go for the first pair. In my experience Puppy Farms dont invite you to look, and usually don't show at big shows like that. I would certainly vist and go with how you feel when you meet the people, the mother and of course - the puppies :)
    The most important part is that they are well handled and healthy.

  7. Hi Angus, many breeders have a few litters in the spring. The pedigree of the parents and breed line are important. It's not too unusual to have two litters at a time, many bitches who live together come into season together!
    You should see the parents if possible and visit the kennel. Good luck, are they in the North East of France? There are very good Pon breeders in France. Best Wishes, Bev and Rupiec

  8. I think everyone above have made all the right points. If she has a website, have a look at the show names of her dogs. If there are a few on the family tree that are familiar, that, I feel a good sign in the case of Pons. Many of the Pon family trees that I have looked at I can find some faint trace back to Merlin. My feeling is that this traceability isn't because of in-breeding but more to do with (mostly) responsible breeders keeping the Pon population relatively low.
    Everyone here knows that you both will make the wisest choice and I am so excited for you.
    What lucky puppies, whoever they are. Four would be such a fun number!! Can you imagine. Four baby scud missiles!!

  9. How could you even begin to resist! and if it is a puppy farm, how could you resist not rescuing them all!

  10. Ooooh Angus, they are so cute !
    I wanted to send you a message to say that we have in France some "éleveurs" of Bergers de plaine, like Wilfee and Digby. But i was pretty sure you did the research on internet.
    If you need any help in french, do not hesitate, i am ready... (but i know, Lady Font and you are expert in french now).

    Have a lovely Thursday,

  11. Oh my, two adorable cuties.
    I agree with all the advice given by the posters above, especially by The Life of Riley.
    Check the breeders out fully, and we'll be here with you as you make the journey to do so.
    Angus and Font, you have some loving and caring blog friends who will advise you and help you with your decision. We all want the best for you.
    Love, Vee.

  12. Yes, if she is saying that you can come to her that is a good sign--Life of Riley above has given some great advice, as have the others.

    And of course I'm going to throw in my two-cents for whatever it's worth: First judge for yourself the cleanliness of the entire place. Ask to see the parents or at least the Mother, and where the puppies have been staying. Are they inside, or are they all housed outside, and again judge the cleanliness. If they do not allow you that access, that many times indicates something could be amiss. Also take note of how many dogs are on the premises, and how many DIFFERENT breeds of dogs they have--That is usually an indication of a puppy-farm. Ask for THEIR references, especially from their vet, and check them. Are the puppies appropriately vetted and vaccinated for their age, will they give you all of that documentation? Will they 'guarantee' the health of the puppies for at least the first year? Do you like the breeder, what is your judgement of her?

    Lastly, and above all, I know how much you and 'the font' want those new additions, but put that aside (I know it's difficult) and go with your instinct, not your emotions--And don't be afraid to walk away!! Someone commented that if it is a farm, to 'rescue them.' I respectfully disagree with that notion. This is how and why these farms (or puppy mills as we call them here) stay in business because people feel sorry for the puppies. Added to supporting that practice, many, many times you would be getting puppies that may, sadly and unfortunately have health issues that will last a lifetime that may not be that long of one.

    Angus, as you know, it's because of you that I met 'Rocky Creek Scotties' and was able to get the most healthy and amazing of a puppy from a very well respected breeder of Scotties---I hope I've perhaps given you some advice to make that possible for you and your search for new PON's!

  13. Good Morning Angus,

    You have received some very sound advice here but I must weigh in with a bit more. It's a good sign that the breeder is showing their dogs. Most of the time a puppy mill will breed anything with a proper registration. Keep in mind that registration is totally different from pedigree. The pedigree is the important part, letting you know if the pups have champion bloodlines or not. Registration is just a way of counting how many dogs are in a certain breed and it's never consistent because approximately 50% of people do not register their puppies. Championship bloodlines are not as important as conformation. Ask if there are people who have purchased puppies from them that you can contact - and then ask for pictures of what their dogs look like. All puppies are cute, regardless of the breed, but it is always nice to be able to see what the parents have produced.

    Ask to see everything - the pedigree, the puppy parents, the facility. Any breeder that is on the 'up and up' will comply with these request. It is a good sign that they have invited you to their home to see the puppies. I've use Google Maps so that I can see where my puppies are going - with this you can see what the neighborhood looks like and if there are a lot of outbuildings that could house many dogs.

    Many breeders have Winter/Spring pups - and have more than one litter, especially if they are working on their line or show a lot of dogs. That is not a red flag, but if they have many types of dogs they breed, then that is.

    Go with your gut - it's the best guideline. If you have any questions, just email me -

    Good Luck,

  14. Hi, if you need help, let me know by e-mail. Being a(n occasional) PON breeder myself, I know most PON breeders and kennels in Europe. There are some health issues you might want to check considering which lines are used in breeding. Also, a low inbreeding % would be good. Glad to help if you want. Personally I think it is very rare to have 2 PON litters at the same time since the demand is small.

  15. Hi again, my e-mail can be found on the linked site (me kennel website has waited for an update for a long time, never mind that).

  16. The breeder we got Kuster from sometimes has two litters around at once. I wouldn't necessarily discount them because of that. If she's willing to have you come to her house where the puppies are, I would take her up on that offer and go meet them. I think the puppies will let you know which ones are the ones for you, but I will admit that I'll keep my fingers crossed that it ends up being the brother and sister!

    I don't know a lot about PONs, will they keep those spots, or do they fade away as they get their adult coats? Those spotty puppies are adorable! I'd be in danger of bringing home all four!

  17. Squeeeee! Oh squeeee, Angus and the font!
    They're adorable!

    Unless they going to be shown or bred, I would pick the pups I feel a connection with. People go on about the best dog. Are you buying status or someone to love and enjoy. You'll find YOUR dogs. You'll know them when you meet them.
    P.S In my heart of hearts, I'd always hoped that the new pups would be the issue of a Wilf sibling.

  18. All those large, empty rooms.....would four PON's be too many?

  19. Puppies!!!! Knowledgeable commenters have already weighed in with good, sound advice so I'm just sending a whoop of joy. Can't wait to see who comes to live with you.

  20. much good luck with your search. listen to your heart of hearts. this is probably almost as exciting for your loyal readers as it for you and the font!

  21. So much good advice!!

    If she's showing in Paris, perhaps you'd see other PON breeders there too.

    Worth checking into. The font certainly wouldn't mind a quick trip to Paris!


  22. All four are cute fur balls.
    There are already many things written above that will help you know what to think about doing, so I will not add to the list.
    Just can't hardly wait till you have two " pons" running down your long halls and reading and seeing pictures of them.
    I know you will pick the two that you feel you should live with :)

  23. Yay!!!!!! This is really happening! So happy for you and The Font.
    Come visit us in Tiburon when you're in California.
    Shelby, Hank, and Jakey Boy, the springer spaniel.

  24. Puppy millers are deceitful people, they might welcome you to their home, but it MAY NOT be the place where the puppies are born and lived. Many people will tell you that mill dogs have an odor they carry with them for several baths, not easy to get rid of. I hope you find a good breeder who will have the best pups for you. Good luck!


  25. oh angus. my heart skipped a beat.
    my darling pon ~ zeke ~ was black and white. he looked like he was always wearing a little tuxedo.
    his picture is on my website. I will see him now too every time I see your new puppies.
    he was a rescue dog and I never got to see him as a puppy. but the vet said he was a pon. whether full blood or not he wasn't sure, but certain enough that he put that down on zeke's documentation papers.
    he grew to look just like wilf except for the coloring of his coat. and his personality was pon.
    so wonderful. though . . . I have NEVER met a dog I didn't like!
    sadly our state has continuous puppy mills. a tragedy that the public seems to perpetuate.
    good luck to you in finding your new little guys! your hearts will tell you what to do.

  26. Oh, yes, "Squeeee" is definitely the word for the day. I know you will do your due diligence for those adorable critters, helped by the excellent advice here. Good luck, and looking forward to seeing the results.

  27. Hello ANGUS: Here is a breeder, in the Val de Marne/France, with a lovely boy and a lovely girl PON - born on February 10th! Perhaps you would like to take a look.
    You do know, of course, that we are all excited at the prospect of new PONS in your household!!! Best regards from the rainy Westcoast of Canada, EDENA

  28. Beautiful pups! As what has been said before, go to the breeders, check out everything there. If they have nothing to hide, then you can be snoopy. Can't wait!

  29. Lot of good pointers above on scoping out the breeder. And agree it's a good sign if she's as interested in checking you out. I'm sure you've already told her about your PON blog, but if not, invite her to check it out. If she's worth her salt, she'll be concerned about the home her puppies will go to. And she should ask about your vet, too, to be sure you have a relationship with a reliable one. Might not want to tell her about the horrible Parisienne, but the others sounded like good, competent, reliable professionals. And mazel tov on the new bambini!

  30. Go for it!

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  31. All four are gorgeous. I wish I wish! Bon chance.