Monday, February 4, 2013

Ellio, the priapic alpaca.

The Rickety Old Farmhouse still standing . Madame Bay has been into the house every day to make sure that nothing has frozen during the recent cold snap. Monsieur Bay has been called upon to deal, unsuccessfully, with a security light that refuses to switch off. It burns away all night.

Down to the Womens Cooperative with the Indian silk. It's to be turned into seat cushions for the hall benches. The lady with the shaven head , tatoos, bib overalls and a liking for chewing tobacco opens the door. '' Oh, it's you " she says to Angus. ' The font ' receives a warmer greeting. The womens cooperative has a large upholstery workshop. In one corner Aude, the decaratrice, is hand weaving yarn from the herd of alpacas into pashminas. She, at least, seems pleased to see Angus.

With the conversation firmly rooted on the subject of soft furnishings Angus wanders out into the garden to talk to Ellio, the priapic alpaca. Ellio is leaning over the fence teasing leaves from the branches of a neighbouring magnolia tree. His harem are basking in the sun . They seem to be completely disinterested in his presence .

'' Tough life ? " Angus asks Ellio. Ellio rolls back his upper lip to reveal a row of startlingly large teeth . He has a '' tell me about it " look on his face. Recognizing there are no fresh carrots on offer he turns back to the magnolia tree. Such is the life of a solitary male alpaca. At least he doesn't have to face a discussion on cushion piping. 

In rugby Scotland lose 38-18 to England.


  1. Too bad about the rugby Angus! (I'll do my gloating quietly at work this morning). Oh well, you can always go and visit Ellio, perhaps he will understand your pain.
    Cheers! Gail
    PS I was hoping that there would be some Indian silk left over for Madame Bay...

  2. PPS But then it occurs to me that the name Ellio suggests Italian connections, and thus you alpaca pal may be doing a little quiet gloating himself this morning...

    1. We went to a restaurant yesterday . We'd never been there before - nothing grand , one of those national steak house chains . The rugby playing manager bought me a large glass of wine . 'The wooden spoon for the Scots this year ? " he asked .

  3. Alpacas are like this...
    as for sombreros in Derby - bright silk as cushion covers - YES!!! note to self - liven up cushions at home.

  4. We thought we could hear Gail yelling!

    Yes, the material is very bright.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. The material reminds me of the swedish flag. Btw I enjoy your blog very much. You certainly have a way with words - among other things. Love to both from EM in DK

  6. Oh I'm disappointed, I'd wanted to see a photo of Ellio, and maybe his harem.
    The silk has found its purpose...yeah!!
    The spending starts all over again for the new year my friend. It seems you may need a new security light.
    Sorry about the loss of your rugby team.

  7. I had a chuckle ... our prime minister is called Elio ... I wonder ...
    Beautiful silk, some gorgeous cushions in the making!
    Nicole G - Belgium

  8. Ha ha ha! I bet those pillows will be gorgeous!

  9. In your first photo, Angus, what is that gorgeous tree? The patterns on it are amazing.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished silk cushions; there will definitely be brightness.
    I, too want to see photos of Ellio, he sounds like a charming fellow, albeit toothsome.

  10. Home, Sweet Home! Glad to hear you have made it back safe and sound!
    Great idea about the cushions!
    A photo of Ellio would be grand...Two charming males chatting over the fence...
    Never mind Rugby, how about the Cricket score?

  11. Some kinship in Southern France!!! I want your Silk - badly!!!! Ever heard of the silk weaving cooperative near Naples --- San Leucio. Simply addicted to it! Silky hugs from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy (Lady Silk), Foxiie (Sir Silk) and Kiri (Master Silk) living in Silkton Abbey... we had no drinks so far...

  12. Is your silk gold on one side and blue on the other?
    I'm confused. It appears you have quite a good length. How about using it to make draperies for a window in a room that doesn't receive much light? It will bring welcome vibrancy to the room while the lower light will tame just a bit of the piece's brightness.

  13. P.S. An alpaca pashmina! What a dream (((sigh))).

  14. The last two words I expected to see today over morning coffee were "priapic alpaca". Thanks for the good laugh.