Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pendulum candles.

Mid-afternoon. The post lady arrives at the door. '' You've got a parcel. It's from England " she says holding it to her ear and shaking it . '' Sounds interesting ". Angus thanks her. A disappointed post lady , clearly hoping to find out what is in the parcel , lingers briefly on the doorstep then leaves.

Pendulum candles. Swedish Christmas tree decorations. Slip a candle in one end then hook it over a branch. Nothing the Swedes like more at Christmas than lots and lots of naked flames burning on highly combustible surfaces. Our old candle holders have been stored somewhere 'safe' in the Rickety Old Farmhouse . Despite ' the fonts ' best efforts they refuse to reveal themselves. These are the replacements that were ordered in November

Angus picks up the phone to the retailer to ask why it's taken two and a half months for them to get here when he's paid $45 for Express Delivery. The bored young man on the other end of the phone is unimpressed. '' Sir, I suggest you read the conditions of carriage . We can't be held responsible for delays. Anyway , you certainly didn't specify you wanted them for Christmas ".  Angus is about to challenge the illogicality of this statement  but the young man has already put the phone down.

Is life becoming more difficult  or is this just another sign of my advancing age ? 

 '' Cheer up " says ' the font ' pointing out that we've got our new candles in plenty of time for this Christmas .


  1. The best thing will be when the Font decides to put these up until Christmas, she will probably find the old ones in the same place she puts the new ones. Happens to me all the time!


  2. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a raging tree inferno! The late delivery may have been a blessing in disguise.

  3. Plenty of time for the new candle holders to get 'lost' too then....

  4. Another 'not my fault, mate' experience.

    We have a German friend who always has candles on the tree, it's beautiful....though there's always the chance of excitement if the tree goes up!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    You'll probably find the original candle holders soon--that's what happens in this house!

  5. I don't think life is becoming more difficult, finding good customer service is.

  6. I bet you a million dollars that this year when you go to pull the candles out to decorate, you will find the "long lost" ones.
    These days, if one finds a retailer with good customer service, stick to them like white on rice. Good customer service is quickly becoming a thing of the past....way way back.
    Post lady seems quite inquisitive....supposed she had damaged the contents by shaking the package like that....my word.

  7. What a rude young man !

  8. 315 days to go!! Don't misplace them :)

    My laptop is still AWOL- I think my tech experts have a work ethic similar to what you are accustomed to!

  9. The tree must be beautiful all aflame, I mean aglow.

  10. You know, I think the Font and I think alike.

  11. You have me again Angus! Mornings wouldn't be the same without a touch fo sarcasm, huh, wit from you!
    Never mind the post's delivery time (I agree with the font)!
    You should try living on an island off the Pacific NW coast! No deliveries (of any kind) here and what there is to be on the mainland rivals the Pony Express...but they just raised (again) the postage!

  12. Just don't put them in a safe place and then forget where you put them, happens to me all the time. :)

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  13. Plenty of time for the new swinging candle holders to find the old ones you already had and settle in safe 'never to be seen again' obscurity. My mama's house burned down in the middle of the night back in the 1930's when she was a child; 10 kids with nothing to their names but the pj's they were wearing when they escaped the flames. We grew up with a very healthy terror of fire. No open flames near dry Christmas trees - or anything else except the inside of the fireplace chez nous.