Saturday, February 9, 2013

No Little Leaguers here.

Sale time. In a shop window a dinner service reduced from $91,000 to $64,000. Guess that's kept under lock and key when the Little Leaguers come visiting.

Morning rush hour. A man cycles to Green Park. In a 'cabin' on the front of his bike a young whippet. Man parks the bike, dog gets out , dog and man wander off happily across the grass. The dog is in  heaven. The man is whistling. Some routines are inviolable. 

In Harrods pet store a well known young American actress shopping for glutten free dog biscuits. The dog is very taken with the kibbles on the bottom shelf.

Random sights in a sunny London.


  1. Oh, Angus, couldn't we just name names here so we could, in our curiousity, know who this well known American actress is??


  2. We need the name of the dog too of course!

  3. We think we're in the Little Leaguers league ourselves....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. If the actress shopping was Lindsay Lohan, then those beautiful dishes should again be put under lock and key.

  5. A great bike for a dog, and then a run in the park. Perfect.

  6. Hollywood's current "in" fashion accessory: a dog.
    Pampered and indulged until one day it finds itself in a shelter eating generic kibble.

    Tea time for a boat load of Middle Eastern grannies, it appears.

  7. Im guessing Gwyneth Paltrow.

  8. Exactly, Angus! How could you tantalize us so? And, those beautiful pieces of's better to just inherit them. xx's

  9. I always love shopping alongside the dogs in Harrods.
    So civilized.
    So fun.

  10. Hefty price tags! Ex-RAF hubby and I agreed, no shopping there whatsoever!
    On the other end, pet shoppes allowed anytime!
    Enjoy sunny London!

  11. Young American actress....hmmmmm.....I'm curious too.
    Loved the dog many of us all over the world love our faithful companions so much. The scene you painted of the man and his dog in the park made me happy.