Friday, February 22, 2013

Enjoy it while you can.

Another day of cloudless skies and bright sunshine. The street dog outside the pizza parlor is asleep against a wall.  Lost in a world of his own. From time to time his muzzle twitches in sun warmed contentment.  

I feel like telling him to enjoy it while he can.  Tonight a storm is due to rush down from the high mountains bringing with it heavy snow and freezing temperatures. Winters last fling ? The old tree peonies in the garden are just starting to bud. This morning I'll cover them with gauze in the hope that some of them survive.


  1. Any chance it'll miss your little village?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Those puppies, whereever they're from, can look forward to such a wonderful caring home.

  3. I hope he finds shelter.

  4. Whatever you choose to do on the dog front, puppy or rescue, you'll have a lot of supportive readers!

  5. Street dogs are wise beyond their years....he will know where to seek shelter to ride out the storm.
    He will also be able to sense the coming storm in the air and move to a safer place long before the storm arrives.
    Hope your peonies come through okay, and that the new gravel is not washed away.

  6. Love the name of the pizza palour!

    Hope the tree peonies survive the storm!

  7. Winter is having her last fling here, too! We're supposed to get snow in December, not at the end of February! Hmph!

  8. We are still knee deep in winter. We will not see spring until April. Cruel, harsh world! Keep warm and take care of the peonies!

  9. Enjoy it while you can.
    Good advice for all of us.

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