Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Liberated gravel ?

Another day of blue skies . After the long winter this arrival of sunshine and warmth still novel enough to be commented on. The rock crystal chandelier in the church alive and gleaming in the early morning light. 

Across the lane the two cows wander over to see if I've brought them anything to eat. The bad farmer is back into his  neglectful phase. They've not been fed in a week. Some solace in the fact that fresh grass is springing up through the mud.

In the library yesterdays purchase of red roses already looking droopy and forlorn. Not such a great deal after all.

Seven am . The old farmer arrives with another truck load of gravel . '' An early bird catches the worm " he says cheerfully while reversing down the drive. With a sudden ' whoosh ' he deposits two and a half tons in front of the barn. A mini Matterhorn of pebbles and grit.  '' I'll be back at the same time tomorrow ". A wave of the hand, a beep of the horn and he's off.  ' The font ' notices that the large pile of gravel at the municipal road maintenance depot in the neighbouring commune is rapidly shrinking. Coincidence ?


  1. Beautiful photo of the church. But what did I say about the red roses?
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. Oh dear...don't tell me you are a receiver of stolen goods.
    The less you know the better :)

  3. Just maintain your innocence!!! Hope the cows get some food soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Those poor cows. They do look undernourished. I cannot imagine our neighbour ever doing that to his cows, he loves them so. How sad.
    I'm glad you rescued the roses. Perhaps they are not at their best but they are still beautiful, for a short while.
    Lovely quartz chandelier.

  5. Wasn't it Franklin Roosevelt that said, "There are no coincidences?"

    I also hope the cows get fed sooner rather than later.

  6. Liberated gravel indeed....be careful you are not given a citation for receiving stolen property...that old farmer is a clever one.
    I guess you have your day cut out for you....only rake a portion and then stop, don't over stress your back.
    The bad farmer needs to be more responsible for his livestock...let's hope he feeds the cows soon.
    The rock crystal chandelier in the church is absolutely beautiful, so is the ornate pulpit.

  7. The sunlight in the first picture is beautiful. What an amazing street. Is it in your village? I too would be feeding the cows. Perhaps they like roses?

  8. Illicit gravel deliveries? Ooooo! I sense a village scandal approaching!

  9. Can't anything be done for those poor animals?

  10. Seems you will might share one day a flash news: 'Municipal gravel filched! Thiefs involves suspicious ring of villagers and outlanders. Police 'actively' on the lookout for 2 1/2 tons of gravel.'
    Je vois cela d'ici!! And yes, I seem to recall a hotline for animal cruelty prevention in France???

  11. We'll put a file in the spotted dick we bring on visiting day at the prison when you're arrested for receiving stolen property.
    That bad farmer! What can be done?