Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Puppies paperwork , tyres and chopping boards.

A morning spent on the phone to the Department of Agriculture in London about the requirements for importing puppies to France. ''All we require is a chip and a rabies injection. What they require I couldn't say ". The ' they ' referred to in this brief conversation are the French. A trip to the vets later today for his opinion on what's needed.

First light. The Old Farmer drops off more gravel. This morning he's brought with him four used car tyres . He sets them down, one on top of the other, at the side of the drive.  '' M'Ongoose , they're almost new. I was thinking they might fit the Land Rover. I'll give you a very good price ". Angus declines the kind offer pointing out that the SUV has only recently had its tyres replaced . '' Your loss "  says the Old Farmer somewhat miffedly. He reloads them on the back of the flatbed, honks the horn, waves and is off.

The font receives a late Christmas present. Oak , Wilf and Digby , chopping boards.' Love and Laughter '. Angus it seems isn't the only sentimental Celt in the family.


  1. With the word 'puppies' in the title, I predict a flood of comments today!
    Oh and those chopping boards are such a beautiful and appropriate way of remembering Wilf and Digby.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. We're with Gail and Bertie. We think you should get a puppy. After all, the weather will be improving and you need to walk. Otherwise, it might be on the bike for you.

    We wouldn't even TRY to import a puppy to Australia...very strict laws, but then, we don't have rabies and a few other diseases.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We vote for a scottie if you're getting opinions....though lowland polish sheepdogs are good, too.

  3. How exciting.
    What lovely chopping boards.

  4. Love the oak boards. What a great gift.

    I hope your puppies don't have to be to old (3 or 4 months for rabies???) before they can travel or you and "the font" will miss lots of puppy fun and mischief (unless you can stay with them - perhaps summer in your UK flat with the wee fellas may be your next holiday!).

    1. You're right. Getting them at 8 or 9 weeks makes a huge difference. Having to wait until they are chipped and have had a rabies vaccination at 16 weeks is not ideal.

  5. A very thoughtful and lovely gift!

    Of course I've no idea about the requirements for dogs coming into France--But I do know that a rabies vaccine isn't usually given to a young puppy until they are around 16 weeks of age. Perhaps all puppies would need to enter the country would be a health certificate and their first round of puppy vaccines. Let us know what you find out, I'll be curious to know.

    Enjoy your day!!

  6. Oh Angus, how you made my heart skip a beat, or ten, when I read your title this morning. Puppies on the horizon for you and the Font. I hope that all the red tape can be sorted out so that the pups become a reality sooner rather than later.
    As for the old farmer, he has to make a sale on those tyres elsewhere....wonder what he is really up to?
    Loved the cutting boards, a very thoughtful gift, but I don't think I would actually use them. I'd probably just store them in a prominent space in the kitchen....can you tell I'm terribly sentimental too?

  7. Love seeing the word " puppy" this morning when I opened your blog. I have been counting the months down till spring when you have two " Pon " again to share with us on your blog each day. I hope it will be easy to get them to your home. Please, let us know what you find out.

  8. How about a holiday rental in England? Perhaps some lovely place you've always thought you might enjoy spending some extra time?
    You might try contacting one of the large, international relocation services as they move people and their pets all over the world. They may have some additional info about younger animals.
    WIlf and Digby. Names that can still bring a tear to the eye.

  9. Exciting news & a tender nod to The Lads :)

  10. Ahhh... the word i have been waiting for. Puppies :)

  11. I love the cutting boards. Love and Laughter is certainly what I got from reading about Wilf.

  12. PUPPIES!!!!! That got our attention.

    Is 8 weeks a bit too early to separate from mom?

    Spring is just around the corner!

  13. PUPPIES, SMILE!!!!!!

  14. We got our puppy at 12 weeks,but previous dog was adopted at eight weeks. It probably depends on the breeder and when the dam is ready to empty the nest. Looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing photos of canines once again at the Farmhouse!

  15. Do you have a breeder you are working with? Are the puppies born yet? I hope the red tape is minimal but somehow feel doubtful of that. Good luck and we will be waiting!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  16. You've probably already seen this, but just in case:

    I like Riley's suggestion. A few months in the UK would be great!

  17. Happy news that the wheels are turning for welcoming puppies.
    The cutting boards are beautifully made and very sweet.
    Good luck swimming through paperwork!

  18. What wonderful news and what a lucky pup it will be.

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  19. Puppies <3
    This must be an exciting time!

  20. I so miss Wilf's Wisdoms, I hope the new puppy will grow to be as wise. And appreciate croissants.

  21. Edward, Apple and I await their arrival with joy!

  22. Puppies !!!!yeah!!!!!! so excited for you..x

  23. YAY fresh puppies! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.....can't wait!

    We Celts are a misty bunch!

  24. Might this help? If not this, there are web sites that give more EU regs.
    Lucky you with puppies. My rescues always seem to be much, much older, but then they're usually housebroken so that helps.

  25. Just a thought ... there is a wonderful blog called Manger, here The woman's husband is a photographer and a dog breeder. I've read on her blog a couple of weeks ago that they just imported a puppy from England to France (they live in France in Medoc area). Perhaps he can can help you with some advice on importing a pet to France.