Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our lives a billion heartbeats long ?

An early morning visit to the market in Toulouse. A slightly edgy part of town with the unromantic name of ' Les Abbatoirs '. Bottle corks worn through the ear lobes a must have fashion item for the local street folk. 

A woman and her bulldog stand waiting while the husband heads off in search of the morning baguettes. The bulldog listens patiently while its mistress keeps up a constant stream of inane chatter . The bulldog has been given the most unlikely name of ' Frou Frou ' .

Further along a happy street dog outside Rabbit Pizza. It may be cold but he's basking in the sun. Sensible dog.

An online discussion that posits all animals have a natural life span of a billion heartbeats. Click on link to read. Interesting charts after the first comment. Dogs seem hard done by.


  1. Yes of course that must be right, the intelligent designer would have known that humans would elect to count in base ten.
    Cheers, Gail (the ultimate sceptic).

  2. Does the Rabbit refer to the Speed of the service, or do they have Rabbit Pizzas. We're unsure of the heartbeats because we're not going to count them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. My apologies to you and everyone for my comment. But all I can think of when I see the woman and her bull-dog is that they say that dog and owners sometimes resemble one another, and this is so true in looking at the two standing together.

    1. I'm glad you saw it too. What is worrying is that 'the font ' said that about Wilf and his master !

  4. In my mind there's even a resemblance
    from the rear, notice the leg stance.

  5. The dog outside Rabbit Pizza looks quite calm, and in my opinion makes the muzzle look obsolete.
    Very interesting information on the one billion heartbeats...where do you find this stuff Angus? Definitely food for thought.
    As for Frou Frou...need I say more?

  6. The bullie looks quite charming.

  7. Angus, you have started ex-RAF hubby on a roll with Frou Frou, Rabbit Pizza, leg stance and...dogs resembling owners. Looking though at our Corgi's ears and serious contenance I don't agree with the font! Rest assured, not ALL of us resembles our four legged friends!

  8. At least the bulldog is not wearing a matching coat.

  9. The stance was the first thing that caught my eye. Did Crazy Crazy also wheeze, snort and grunt while chatting with Frou Frou?

  10. Perhaps the Bulldog got that moniker in hopes that he and his mistress might grow to resemble it. Rabbit Pizza sounds interesting!