Sunday, February 24, 2013

90 days before.

So much for the weather forecast. A few half hearted snow flakes in mid morning and then the skies clear and the sun returns. We clamber into the 4x4 and head off to an organ recital in the local cathedral. The streets brilliant in the early spring sunshine. An unexpected chance to get out and about before the snow does decide to roll down from the mountains.

The cathedral organ set high up in the walls of the transept. How does the organist get there ? Not a job for someone suffering from vertigo. The acoustics wonderful.

A late lunch at a brasserie. We wander in from the street and are immediately seated. The three course 'formule ' €18 a head including a glass of wine and bottle of water. Stick to what the locals do and France can be affordable.

An evening spent making reservations for our trip to see the Cost Centres in California.  A restaurant in Yountville informs me that they're fully booked. " You should have phoned up 90 days before time to make a reservation " the somewhat imperious response . 90 days ahead of time ! American diners must be extremely well organized. 

The cows are well.


  1. it is a little after 3 in the morning where I am. I could not sleep for thinking of those pitiful cows. I was so saddened and actually outraged that the entire village would allow such cruel neglect right under their noses. couldn't help thinking that if it were two dogs out there that SOMEBODY would be doing something. but because it is merely poor 'dumb livestock' that somehow everybody is allowed to look the other way. we don't want to offend the farmer apparently. or is that kind of farming simply accepted as normal there?
    sorry that this is back on that track from yesterday. but it kept me awake and I had to get it off my chest I guess.
    now that you say they are miraculously 'well' ... ?? I guess I can go back to sleep. thank god it did not get as cold as was predicted. since they only have mud to stand or lie in. and blades of grass to eat that grow up through the mud.
    I have different thoughts now about your village.

  2. The French Laundry?My mother said when she saw my credit card bill, "Laundry's very expensive over there!"

    1. Yes. Have booked Chez Panisse in Berkeley instead.

  3. I had to chuckle at your comment that American diners must be extremely well organized--I don't think most of us are--I have a tendency to stick to the local 'brasseries' because they're more affordable! :-)

    I'm glad your weathermen get it wrong just like ours do!

  4. Apparently meteorologists get paid to "get it wrong". I am imagining the glorious sounds of the cathedral organ, it must have been blissful.

  5. What a beautiful cathedral! Chez Panisse a better choice, I think...

  6. Glad to hear the cows are well. Had to re-read part of your post, I read that you clambered into the 4 x 4 to an organ recall. Whew.

  7. I won't wait 90 minutes let alone 90 days to eat somewhere. ;) Your weather forecasters must have gone to the same school as our local ones.

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

    PS your response to mrsduncanmahogany made me laugh out loud

  8. Our organ pipes are set high in the cathedral here, but the actual organist and organ are situated on the ground floor ahead of the congregation.
    Glad that the weather was not as bad as predicted, and that the cows are well....thank you Angus, I know you had something to do with that (the cows not the weather).
    I have NEVER made dining reservations 90 days in advance in the US or anywhere else....
    The Cost Centres must be looking forward to your visit....I am.

  9. Didn't you have the same problem with snippy reservations people at a place on the East Coast? Establishments that take themselves rather too seriously too often have food that's not all as claimed. Second the Chez Panisse choice, and so relieved the cows are OK. Thanks for more lovely, insightful pictures.

  10. Ninty days.....sounds like that old movie 'LA Story' must have some truth to it!

    Happy the cows are okay, so far. Spring will be there soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy