Friday, March 1, 2013

Browning his cabbages.

To the supermarket for oranges. It's early but the man who sells choucroute is already busy browning his cabbages.Thankfully he's positioned right under an airconditioning vent.

The following conversation at the check out :

'' We've got inspectors today ". The cashier points to a man in a mud coloured suit. He is followed by a serious looking woman who is also in a mud coloured suit. The woman is carrying a clipboard.

'' Have you seen the strawberry plants ? €11.50 for 24. That's good value ". The cashier turns to her colleague at the next till. '' I'm just saying those strawberry plants are good value ". Her colleague looks up just long enough to agree.'' That'll be twelve euros forty". The cashier is still talking, to no one in particular, when I leave.

Outside a man is buying milk from the automatic milk dispensing chalet . He has great difficulty siphoning the milk into his reusable bottle.

Life in deepest France profonde.


  1. Not as interesting as the Mutant.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. It's so interesting the conversations that are overheard sometimes, some make me smile, some I share as jokes which they are, and some I'm downright aghast at the thoughts and words of others.

  3. I think there's a special group of people who work in grocery stores. You hear conversations there that it seems impossible to hear anywhere else!

  4. I still can't get over that milk dispenser.