Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back tomorrow.

'' We're nearly in London says ' the font ' . This said when we're in northern France . Angus thinks of stating the obvious but decides against it. 

Central London in a French registered car with the steering wheel on the wrong side. A young man in a drophead BMW shouts out " Bloody Frog " when I fail to make the right turn outside Fortnum and Masons before the traffic lights turn to red. I lower the window and let him know that I am most certainly not French. He says something even less polite before speeding off.

A sign in the washrooms of a British motorway service station . Am I alone in thinking the sign odd ? Should I use the hot taps or the ones that are ' fine to use ? ' How hot can the water in the offending taps be ? If the water is dangerously hot why not turn them off at the mains ? What event caused the sign to be put up in the first place ? Is this bemusement over a washroom sign another indication that I'm getting older ?

The Harvey Nichols food hall. Cans of sun dried Emperor Moth larvae. '' Salted and ready to eat ! ". 

Next week we'll be back at the breeders to pay for the pups. She's sent us through the certificates from the vets examinations - hip and eye scores v.good. ( She'd happily take a cheque but this is a perfect excuse to see Sophie and Bob again ). The breeder will look after the the two of them until April 7th when we get back from California. Next week will be spent puppy proofing the house and buying all those things that need to be bought. 


  1. Now that has bothered me about the hot taps!..could a little 'cold water' be added to make the temp. 'just right'?! Glad you have decided on the puppies, are you really going to call them Bob and Sophie?

  2. So happy for your good news... is the pups mama allergic to some food??? Best congratulations for Sophie and Bob (sounds like a fifties sitcom...) happy times! Love from all the four paws and me Susanne

  3. can't wait for the puppy adventures with bob and sophie to begin!
    part of my heart wishes you could have taken the mom too. her face seemed so sad.
    I think she would have bloomed under the love of you and the font.
    hope your trip to california is wonderful. xo

  4. People have sued McDonald's over coffee that's too hot, so my guess would be that the motor service station put the sign up because they may be worried about the same thing with the water. ???

    CONGRATS on making the decision on your new additions!!

  5. Only a month away. Fun days a head for you,"the font" and all your blog friends.
    Can't wait till they are living in their new home.
    Hope you take more pictures when you go back to pay for them.

  6. Erm...yummy? They are probably full of protein but I think I'll stick to a nice steak.

    So happy for the four of you.

    I agree with tammy j. Room for one more?

    I hope you have a safe and happy time in California.


  7. cheap stuffy lots and lots of them. Our now nine month old pup loves them. Petco people now alert us as to when there are new toys in the sale bin... As one employee told me..the cheap ones can be shredded just as quickly as the expensive ones.
    Enjoy California!

  8. Perplexing hot water sign, you are right to wonder!
    So happy about the puppies! I think the puppies' Mom is okay, she just doesn't like having her photo taken.
    Have fun in California, and be safe.
    Looking so forward to the grand arrival of Bob and Sophie!

  9. Oh my soul, you're picking them up on my birthday!
    Edward and I consider that an excellent omen.
    So happy here!

  10. Congratulations! We're thrilled for you! Be sure you have a relaxing vacation because you will have your hands happily filled when you return.
    When you visit Sophie and Bob on the way home, do take lots of photos. They're babies for such a short time and they'll have grown when you return for them in April.
    Safe trip.
    The tinned goods are revolting, absolutely revolting.
    The illustrations on the label are the limit!

  11. Betwixt the 'blob' on the Vichysoisse, the African delicacy, the water sign and I cannot forget the 'Bloody Frog' (frankly even I would have stopped at driving through London with such plates!), I am still in stitches!
    Congratulations on the new family addition though! The little darlings are sure to attract many to your posts but don't stop with the witty comments! I am getting addicted!
    P.S. I agree with Winchester whisperer!!

  12. I'm sure they sell puppy treats at Fortnum and Mason. Only the best for young Bob and Sophie. that is why you drove all the way to London isn't it?

  13. Found a terrific chew toy: deer antlers, from Petsmart. Non-toxic, and the vet says OK. Also, no stuffing strewn on the floor. Are the names Bob and Sophie significant of anything, or just random? Happy days for you.

  14. They will be all housebroken by the time you get back, won't they? I think the names Bob and Sophie are just great. Looking forward to our next look at the duo!

    Jo, Stella and Ziva Zophia(aka Zkhat)

  15. Great news!! I am SOOOO happy for you and the Font.
    I can't wait until Bob and Sophie are home at the ROF.
    If you did not post a photo of the caterpillar delicacy, I would have thought you were pulling my legs.

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  17. Congratulations!!! Two more members have just been accepted into the "oh you lucky dog" club. These are very fortunate puppies.

  18. Harvey Nichols always reminds me of Ab Fab.
    And the worms are disgusting! :)

    (I almost put the worDs are disgusting. I need more sleep!)

    Congratulations on the new additions to your family. Can't wait to read all about them!

  19. That is going to be a very long month's wait for your faithful readers... I join the "ecstatic that Angus and the Font are getting puppies" chorus! Meanwhile, I wish you and the Font happy travels in California -- it's a weird but beautiful state.

    And good luck with the puppy proofing. We thought we had thoroughly prepared our house, but Emmy keeps finding new ways to be a puppy. You're in for so much fun. :) Congratulations again!

    Purple Magpie with Mitzi the Dog and Emmy the Destructo-Puppy

    P.S.: I'm ignoring the cans of worms. I'm eating lunch.

  20. Hurray for Sophie and Bob - lucky dogs indeed. We are so looking forward to their adventures when you return from the left coast. They're beautiful pups.

    Buzzy McDuff, the Pip and Camille

  21. Hurray for Sophie and Bob - lucky dogs indeed. We are so looking forward to their adventures when you return from the left coast. They're beautiful pups.

    Buzzy McDuff, the Pip and Camille

  22. Good luck puppy proofing Madame Bay's chiffon.

  23. Stuffies definitely....a cow and a sheep perhaps?

    Signs like that are the comic relief of life....very Monty Python.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  24. I'd have wondered about the taps, too!

    Um, just say "no" to worms as food! No matter what kind of can they come in or the fancy promises made, just don't do it!

    I knew Sophie and Bob were going to be yours! I'm so happy for you! Don't forget to take more puppy pictures! ;)