Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday morning.

Happy cows in the field across the lane. Half a dozen wagtails busily picking nits and fleas from their backs. Outside the chateau a fleet of five black Mercedes vans with darkened windows. The advance party getting things ready for the Easter arrival of the German billionaires .

The local restaurant has set out tables in the town square. The fact that they haven't put the umbrellas out yet a sign that no one is quite sure whether or not another bout of bad weather is on the way. The old kitchenware store has got a new lease of life as a shop selling dressing gowns. The window display says the new owners haven't quite got their marketing skills down pat.

In the evening a demonstration outside the Prefecture in the local market town against breeding Beagles for vivisection. The silent demonstrators ? A dozen Brits, eight Dutch and four Americans.

Later today the long drive up to the breeders to make the final arrangements to pick up Bob and Sophie when we get back from California.


  1. "Final arrangements" indeed. You just want to see them again!

  2. We would be protesting too!

    Give the pups a snooge for us.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. I hope the voices of the demonstrators, silent or not, are heard and make a difference.

    I also hope your drive is uneventful and the visit goes well! And keep in mind that the photos you take of Bob and Sophie will have to last you until you see them again!

  4. I would have been demonstrating against vivisection too....that is a horrible practice. I went to the website and I am even more upset, but at least I can have a voice there.
    Travel safe on your trip to see your new family members. Give them a snuggle for me.

  5. I am sure Lady Font and Ongoose were at the silent protest too... read a banner recently- no vivisection take paedophiles... well, not correct but animals are innocent. Have a safe drive looking forward to hear from the puppies love from Southern Italy Susanne, Foxiie (had a fit) Daisy and Kiri

  6. Make sure those noses get a thoroughly good kissing..

    Safe journeys.