Sunday, March 17, 2013

" Aux armes ! "

The first of the years local grown white asparagus and gariguette strawberries brought to our door by the young farmer who lives in the modern house by the windmill. As unexpected as it is kind . The asparagus wonderful. The strawberries acid. Not surprising considering the snow and rain of recent weeks.

Nine o'clock on Saturday night. Scotland playing France in the Six Nations Rugby tournament. The salle de fetes alive with farmers, little farmers, famers wives and dogs. Jeans, blue rugby shirts and red / white/ or blue acrylic wigs the evenings dress code. The French teachers Golden Retrievers joining the Jack Russells and shaggy sheepdogs on their never ending circuit around the village green. When we arrive the mayor and a group of 'technicians' are setting up the widescreen television on the stage. The mayor has forgotten the extension lead so has to go back home to get it.  

To one side a tressle table. The old farmer dispensing something potent from a stainless steel tea urn into plastic tumblers. The very old farmer bad temperedly ignoring the mayor. The battle over the misplaced bottled water rumbling on. Madame Bay in red checkered headscarve, white frilly blouse and voluminous  long blue skirt dispensing vol au vents. '' Blue cheese and anchovy " says our republican Gypsy Rose Lee lookalike. 

National anthem time. The Marseillaise not so much sung as hammered out. Four year olds as passionate in the rendering of 'aux armes citoyens' as their parents. Scotland lose. In fact they lose badly. '' There's always next year " says the mayors wife consolingly.

As we walk back to the house the sound of Kool and the Gang singing that old French country classic  "We gonna have a party tonite " echoes through the trees. The villagers are having a celebration.

Today the chicken wire goes up on the bannisters.


  1. Angus here in Wales we are very happy with the rugby result!!!
    Bob looks very pleased with himself, I get the feeling this little chap will have fun with that chicken wire, don't forget your safety goggles.

  2. Too bad about the rugby. I know how you feel...

  3. Next year Bob and Sophie will join the fray and just maybe give a bit of luck to Scotland!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. It could be worse. What if you were an Englishman living in Wales.... :0)

  5. Asparagus already?!
    I could weep, here in dismal Derbyshire we are now in our fifth consecutive month of winter. The year is nearly one quarter done and the daffodils aren't in bloom yet.

  6. Soon Bob and Sophie will be joining all the other dogs at the rugby matches and match screenings, and Scotland will be winning all the way.
    The old farmer and his potent "juice" can make any evening happy....seems as if everyone had a good time.
    The kindness of folks..... enjoy the asparagus and strawberries.
    Have a great Sunday. I'm sure the Font will have a lovely lunch ready after the chicken wire installation...remember measure twice, and cut once.

  7. Sorry for Scotland's loss.
    But there's fresh asparagus, strawberries and baby PON's! Reminds me of the line from the film Now Voyager "...don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars."

  8. oh kari! beautifully said!
    and a puppy face caught mid yawn? or just a little happy face?
    but whichever ~ one dear face is that.
    can't wait til they're home at the rickety old farm house for good.

  9. The excitement builds for the arrival of the pups. I thinks those of us who follow your blog are anticipating the arrival as much as you!

  10. As soon as I saw the asparagus and strawberries, I knew your spring had begun in earnest. Bob's yawn was icing on the cake. I so enjoy the community of your small village.