Sunday, December 16, 2012

Changing times.

The knife sharpener is in  town for his annual visit . A huge man in his mid-30's with a walrus moustache. ' The font ' drives down to the garlic hall with the Japanese kitchen knives and the garden shears. The knife sharpener used to be busy all day with a stream of customers but now he's lucky if he gets a dozen jobs. '' People just aren't interested in having their knives sharpened " . When asked why he just shrugs his shoulders. The advent of ceramic knives ? Do we live in a place where people use blunt blades ? Or perhaps the townsfolk are self sharpeners ?

The bakers wife has taken a course in chocolate making and has been awarded the title ' artisinale chocolatiere '.  Even though it's not yet light she insists I try one of her Orangettes. Her husband looks on proudly from behind the cake counter. Both of them are, surprisingly,  as slim as rakes . She hopes to be unveiling a new line of orange and lemon creams in time for Christmas. '' I'm working on the recipe but it's a bit tricky ".

The excitement of life in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. How was the orangettes? Judging by the number of mendiants, I would say that she's gotten the hang of making them.

  2. Send the knife sharpener down here. Our knives are very blunt.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. The knife sharpening companies here charge an arm and a leg. Wish we had a one-man knife sharpener that catered to our needs. Both my secateurs and my loppers need sharpening right now.
    Pray tell, which baker is this that you are frequenting? I know you have a favourite.
    All the pastries look soooo GOOD.
    Stay slim my friend.

  4. We have a local knife sharpener with a hardware shop here on Ischia. Life at the moment is as exciting as it is in France profonde. Just listened to Riccardo Muti's speech at the SEnate - bravo! Greetings from all four of us - Foxiie is getting visibly older - I think now I have to count days and months and hopefully years as we all did for your Wilfie!

  5. I need my knives sharpened, they are terribly dull.

    The David Sedaris Holidays on Ice book is an oldie but goody (1997). Found it in a used bookstore here in Anchorage.

  6. Self sharpeners, eh? That sounds a little dangerous!

    I have a feeling the new chocolate business may really take off...

  7. I think I'd like to move to your little hamlet. I could try each and every one of those delights!

  8. The old knife sharpened died and the new one is a brute! Mangled everything! Every knife and shear from house to garden is in need. Have to set out the antique sterling handled carving set then turn my back and actually carve with a hideous Ginsu. Just awful.

  9. We'll have the four biggest cakes with the most cream please.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie