Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve miracles.

The supermarket opens at 6.30 am. Unheard of for France. ' The font ' suggests we go early to avoid the crowds. Seems we aren't the only people who think like that .  Despite the endless line of cars looking for a space a  parking spot suddenly appears right by the front door. Christmas miracle #1.

Miracle #2 . All the checkouts are staffed and operational.  Ahead of us a large family paying for oysters. They don't pay by cheque. They don't want to discuss philosophy with the check-out lady. Their credit card works. They don't have to run back and buy a pint of milk. We've paid and are in the car all within twenty minutes .

Miracle #3. Neither British Airways nor the French air traffic controllers on strike over the holidays. Toulouse airport running to schedule.

Miracle #4. It's going to be a sunny 75 degrees today.


  1. If it carries on like this you won't have anything to blog about.
    Happy Christmas!
    Gail and Bertie.

  2. You are on a roll! Hope you have a relaxing holiday.

    SHE went out early this morning....with everyone else in town.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  3. Christmas miracles to be thankful for.
    We have one supermarket here that opens at 6.30am to serve breakfast. It is very popular with those who are late for work.
    Wishing you and the Font and all your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  4. Miraculous! Many blessings of the Season, Angus, to you, "the font" and your loved ones.

  5. Merry Christmas and may your miracle list continue through the holidays and for all the coming year. Thank you for making me laugh and wonder - to Lady Font and Mr Ongoose and family happy days! Hopefully Santa Claus will bring p.....s - love from the South Italian Crew - Susanne, Foxiie, Daisy and Kiri (demolition apprentice - the othe night he undid the wall near the door - I came home and found him covered in dust)...

  6. Love all those miracles!!! A very happy Christmas to you and 'the font'. All the best for the New Year!!!

  7. Christmas miracles are a good thing. :)
    Blessings to you and yours, Merry Christmas!

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  8. wow. i'd say 'a merry christmas!'
    after months and months . . . and months of drought. we're expecting 3 to 5 inches of snow!
    preceded by the requisite ice storm first of course. but hey. who's complaining! snow on christmas day! YAY!
    have a wondrous christmas eve and a wonderful christmas day lad.
    tammy j

  9. Merry Christmas to you Angus, Lady Font, and all your family.


  10. Merry Christmas to you Angus, Lady Font, and all your family.


  11. It's the little things that make holidays bright! Enjoy!

  12. Cheers for grocery store and weather miracles!

    Wishing you, and the Font the merriest Christmas ever and a very happy New Year.


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat