Sunday, December 2, 2012

The grumpy gargoyle.

Above the church door we spot another amusing mythical creature. It's anyones guess what it is. Two fins on one side, one on the other. Eight centuries of war, revolution and erosion have wiped out most of the carvings. Now only a few, high up, examples survive. I'm glad that this grumpy looking fellow is one of them.

The English butcher arrives at the front gate in his van. We didn't know there was an English butcher but he's heard that there are ' rosbifs ' in the village and tracked us down . Angus is delighted to find the man makes and sells Cumberland sausages . Back bacon too. ' The font '  who is in that pre-Christmas '' I've put on a kilo of weight this year ! We're going to have to eat more lightly " mood is less delighted. 

The butcher gets given some sponge cake. Angus joins him.

We wake up to a thick frost . The fire in the snug is lit for the first time since March and surprisingly bursts into life. Outside the acanthus continue in bloom. Will nothing stop them spreading ?

Winter routines in deepest France profonde.


  1. One of the other bloggers just had a bad experience with Cumberland, have you got in enough dried fish for the holiday?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Tell 'the font' that in frosty weather one needs at least an extra kilo for insulation, even when the fire is lit (and that fire place is SO beautiful).
    Cheers, Gail (just enjoying an advent calendar chocolate with her breakfast muesli).

  3. When we were in England and Scotland we feasted on the delights of Cumberland sausage. We still talk fondly of them to this day. A bit of brown sauce and we were happy, happy, happy. I'd gladly pay the hefty shipping price for you to send some our way! Sadly, there are no proper butchers in this city who have heard of this gastronomical beauty.

    Keep toasty warm and have another slice of the sponge cake!

  4. I think the makaras are guarding the church. Now you have given us a better look. The makaras are all in a row and their various motifs may form a "story". Either way, they are stunning. Brad Pitt, enveloped in Chanel, would look very nice standing before them.

    Also I see another visit to the spa in the future!

  5. Ha! There really is a 'saucisse Anglaise'! Thought it was just a punch line in "Yes, Minister" - a much loved and much watched series still. [In fact, an episode is just starting now.] Sure could use a fire like the one in that photo here tonight.

  6. Love the gargoyle, grumpy looking or not, so good that it has survived such hardships to be enjoyed now years later.
    You must be in heaven now that the English butcher has found you, and will deliver to the ROF.
    If I could get even one acanthus to grow here, I would be happy.