Sunday, December 9, 2012

Unusual Christmas stamps.

To the Post Office for Christmas stamps. 
'' Don't have any !". Says the man behind the counter.
' Are you sure ? You had them yesterday ' . 
The man behind the counter says something incomprehensible ,delves into a drawer, mutters again and finally produces a pile of brightly coloured paper. 
'' How many you want ? ".

At last. All the cards signed, addressed and sealed. '' What an interesting subject for a Christmas stamp " says ' the font ' studying the gory scene that has just been painstakingly applied to a hundred envelopes.

Lesson : Always check what you buy. Preferably before you buy it.


  1. So how is it at French Post Offices? Was there a queue too?

  2. SHE bought some stamps for bills or business mail to find 'LOVE' written all over them. Difficult to write a letter of complaint with a LOVE stamp.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  3. You do realise that Mr."Don't have any!" was cursing you under his breath. Service has left the building!!
    What a gory scene for a stamp to be used on Christmas cards, but they'll get to their destinations none the less.
    You dared not have asked him for a prettier stamp anyway.
    We don't have barcodes on our stamps here as yet, so that was an interesting eye opener for me.

  4. Or , even though it's in a red hat and a wig it may not be Santa .

  5. Might the stamp's subject matter lead recipients of the cards to think that all is not calm, all is not bright at a certain rickety old farmhouse?

  6. I remember feeling that way when we had 'love stamps' here and I used them to mail my bills.

  7. Lucky You!!! He had some left!!! And who says grumpy French postmen don't have a sense of humor....

  8. We were waiting for the explanation of what the battle of Denain was, having never heard of it. Guess we'll be forced to hie ourselves to Wikipedia. At least the Christmas cards are done!