Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fully qualified.

The night of the village Christmas gathering. Cars, vans and mud spattered 4x4's parked everywhere . The salle des fetes a heaving mass of revellers , their children and their dogs.  DJ Florian in full flow. Fleetwood Macs '' Don't stop thinking about tomorrow " a favourite. At the end of each song DJ Florian makes a whooping noise and then rotates 360 degrees, hands above his head. Quite a skill  for a man his age. Madame mayor tells me Florians a physiotherapist but his real passion is being a disc jockey. '' He's fully qualified " she adds for good measure. ' As a physiotherapist maybe ' thinks Angus but keeps this thought to himself.

Madame Bay, dressed head to toe in red, is there en famille. The good for nothing son-in-law Hugo dispensing punch from a tea urn. Armagnac with just a splash of orange juice. '' Delicious " says ' the font ' untruthfully.  The old farmer and the very old farmer wave. The woman with the beehive hairdo tells me that the head of the Village Fleuri Committtee is there with 'a friend ' who's not his wife. The Jack Russells and the malevolent Maltese are chased out of the kitchen. They scurry, line astern, out of the French windows. After half an hour we follow them


  1. You just stayed half an hour? Lightweights.

  2. A DJ Physiotherapist?? I might have to move to France profonde to get some of this lively action in my life...I'm beginning to envy you.
    The crazy madness, the gossip ("there with a friend who is not his wife"), the gosh, I KNOW you can't make this stuff up.
    At least you and the Font showed your faces at the gathering...don't stop thinking about tomorrow!!

  3. You made the effort!
    Lovely to see a blue sky, instead of interminable grey; Merlin is most unimpressed with all the current post walk bathing.
    I hope you all had a wonderful christmas.

  4. I wonder if physio/DJ Florian was taking requests? Good thing it wasn't Halloween, he'd have you all doing the Time Warp....

  5. Hopefully you did not feel the need to leave through the windows like the dogs did.

    My husband and I do so enjoy your descriptions of the villagers in your little piece of paradise -- what priceless characters! (And the dogs look forward to hearing more dog tales come next spring!)

    Cheers from California,

    Purple Magpie, Mitzi and Emmy (our new puppy!)

  6. I'm wondering what DJ Florian does for an encore?

  7. Impressive mix of music, merrymaking and a touch of mayhem for good measure. Merveilleux!

  8. I've missed your blog and I still miss Wilf. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Angus!

    1. Hi Sprinkles - Be patient , Wilf the sequel, will be along soon enough !

  9. Well done, Angus and The Font.
    Glad to hear your response to Sprinkles. We thought of Wilf with your Christmas season posts. How he loved his now shepherdless flock.