Thursday, December 27, 2012

The motorhome.

Ten past two in the morning. The old farmer returns from visiting his sister in Brittany . We know it's  ten past two because our neighbour decides this is a good time to  work on the engine of his ancient motorhome. He sings as he does so. Angus is despatched to find out where the infernal hammering noise is coming from.

France is back to normal after the Christmas festivities. Post being delivered, shops open, the bakers preparing for New Year. Behind the petits fours a large ' Pain Surprise et Toasts '. A snip at  €65. " The filling's foie gras " says the baker trying , unsuccessfully, to sell it.


  1. Christmas spirit Angus. Surely you meant to say you are delighted that your neighbour is safely home...

  2. I think I would pass on the 'Pain Surprise et Toasts' just the same....

    How lovely of your neighbor to let you know he's home. Early.

  3. A physician with whom I worked in Montana could be found up tinkering in his garage at 3 AM. Don't know about the noise.

  4. Your life would not be the same without the old farmer....far less exciting I'll wager. He is a real character, and I love reading about him.
    Good thing he didn't march over to the ROF and announce "I"m back!!"