Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oysters, chocolate and Galette.

The French are big on oysters at this time of the year. A large tent, twelve parking spaces wide and three deep, set up in the supermarket car park to sell them.  Piles and piles of oyster cartons stacked up and down the aisles. Amazing how the things can be farmed on this scale .

In the window of the Belgian confectioners a lifesize chocolate ballgown. A sign underneath saying ''  Please do not touch ". I've seen chocolate Eiffel Towers in Paris,  a chocolate Statue of Liberty in New York and a chocolate Colliseum in Rome but a chocolate evening dress ? One twirl round the dancefloor and it would be chocolate fondant.

New Year almost upon us. Galette des Rois for sale amid the baguettes in the Sunday morning market.


  1. You know, I think I saw a photo of Helena Bonham Carter wearing that exact same dress at some awards event.

  2. The dress looks good enough to eat, but I think I'd rather have a Galette des Rois instead!

  3. Oh boy, that dress! I could only imagine the hours of creative thinking that went into that. As for the oysters, I can only manage the tinned ones. Its a texture thing! :)

  4. An edible dress, what a lovely concept. The chocolatiers of France surely have the expertise and patience to create something so beautiful....I'm in awe. I think the sign about No Touching must be for me.