Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The poltergeist returns.

2:42 am. The smell poltergeist returns. Somewhere deep beneath us the three hundred year old septic tank is signalling that it's very much alive and well. The Rickety Old Farmhouse suddenly pungent with the smell of honey-menthol throat lozenges. ' The font ', dosed up with pain killers after four hours in the dentists chair, sleeps through it. Time to talk to the plumber.

No sign of the upstairs dishwasher and its faulty interruptor. So much for the electricians faithful promise to have it installed and working by our return. No sign either of Madame Bay having been in to clean. The house still sporting the evidence of our hasty five in the morning departure.

London geared up for Christmas . The shops full. Bags of Christmas coffee and tea on the shelves. Is it too cynical to think that Christmas tea is exactly the same as ordinary tea but with a seasonal 50% markup ?


  1. No, we think that's exactly what Christmas tea and coffee is. Probably less in the pack as well.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Madame Bay was probably too busy moonlighting as a model.

  3. I hope your dishwasher will be returned by Christmas!

    I also hope 'the font' is doing well!!

  4. Best to sleep through it. There is a time and place for pain killers and this is it. Just holding one's mouth open for that long has to be agony. Hope the results are perfect.
    Christmas tea sounds lovely.

  5. Madame Bay seems to have a hectic schedule, so she probably had a packed weekend of events.
    Christmas coffee and Christmas tea are for those who indulge in such whims of folly...who buys that stuff?
    Maybe the plumber can arrange to have the septic tank pumped thoroughly to see if that will clear up the smelly of luck.
    Give the Font my best wishes...hope she gets back to eating all those lovely meals that she creates soon.

  6. Interesting smell! Shame about the markup, happens everywhere I see.

  7. I suspect you've just written the exact secret ingredient to Christmas tea and coffee! lol

    Well, are you sure France Profunde wasn't in a time warp while you were gone? It seems to have a time of it's own...