Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can there be any more excitement ?

The Grande Dame appears at breakfast. A good two hours before she usually rises. She is perhaps not at her best at this time of the day. The single word ' coffee ' escaping from her lips as she slumps at the breakfast table. The Grande Dames sleep has been interrupted by a mule that has appeared in the old vegetable garden . The mule is very talkative. 

Angus is escorted to her bedroom window to see for himself. Sure enough there is a mule and next to it what appears to be a large blue caterpillar.  In the middle of the track a weird device with a bicycle at the front and what could be a stretcher behind. The blue caterpillar starts to move. Soon its in an upright position. A dreadlocked figure in a shirt emerges from the sleeping bag.  It's soon apparent that a shirt is all the dreadlocked figure is wearing . ''My oh my " says the Grande Dame '' it must be terribly cold out ".

By lunchtime the dreadlocked figure has smoked half a dozen cigarettes, dressed, saddled up the reluctant mule and headed off.  The mule fits in the frame behind the bike. A kind of push me - pull you device.

A notice on the church door. '' Strictly no admittance without prior authorization from the town hall ". As the town hall is only open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this may do little to stop unauthorized intruders. Ignoring the notice the Grande Dame sweeps into the nave to admire the restoration. The three ladies from Toulouse and their proprietorial dog look on in silence.

'The font' returns . Tooth patched up. Another trip to London for root canal work on Monday and a new crown on Tuesday.


  1. Being a bit of a cycling nut, I thought I had seen just about every conceivable form of bicycle add on. But I was wrong.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. We were with Gail. We never expected an add on mule.

    Maybe you should just watch the nut festival in future.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. And I thought the sleeping opossum in our yard this morning was a problem ... I can't wait to see what happens next in deepest France Profonde!

  4. the prince of nuts sleeping in your garden!
    a special presentation to welcome your esteemed house guest.
    ya gotta hand it to those clever villagers.

  5. What bizarre and unusual pictures of the said sleeping bag and mule...I love them!!! Interesting over there isn't it?

  6. The poor font! Facing a root canal. Not horribly nasty but no joy either.
    Dame Eileen Atkins, maybe?
    And the other, a gypsy or one of your pilgrims getting creative?

  7. Oh my goodness, is there no respite from the strange episodes that occur in deepest France Profonde?
    Why on earth would the dreadlocked stranger choose to make a pit stop on your property?
    I tell you, you have a magnet my friend.
    Glad the Font is back from her dental appointment. I somehow always thought that some time had to pass before the crown could be installed after a root canal. Glad she's feeling better.

  8. Just glad it wasn't a child, until I realized the person was kneeling I thought it was a little girl, or possibly ET.

    Well, there goes my theory out the window. I can't imagine the font felt the need to escape little nuts and plumed dancing dames so badly that it would be worth having a root canal! Surely?

  9. I can't even keep a straight face! How did you not burst into laughter right there at the blue caterpillar? Your corner of the world is definitely never dull!