Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three morose lads.

One minute to five.Three morose lads appear,unannounced, on the upstairs terrace. They're carrying the errant dishwasher. '' Got your dishwasher mate " the more senior one says by way of introduction.They have considerable difficulty getting the machine through the door they so easily got it out of . The talkative one doesn't know what was wrong with it or what it has cost to repair. '' I'm pretty sure someone from the office will call you tomorrow ". With that helpful  thought they leave.

Our last night in London . 'The font' finds a Scandinavian fish restaurant and trills with delight . Angus is just glad that the fish is cooked. He is also glad there is a lengthy winelist. Icelandic Skyr as a dessert. The first time he's ever had rye bread as a pudding. It will also be the last.

We decide to see a late night movie . '' Go to Looper. It's a blast " texts the youngest Cost Centre. The movie is something to do with criminals travelling back in time to kill themselves. We can't help but notice that the average age of the audience is about sixteen. If the noise level is anything to go by the audience enjoys itself immensely. Perhaps they understood the finer points of time travel.

Christmas corgis for sale in Selfridges. We stop and chuckle.  A picture of the Queen at the hotel check out. Good taste or bad taste ?

Clouds this morning. We may get rain.


  1. No lutefisk on the menu? You must have been disappointed Angus.

  2. Fish is not a favourite in our household, especially when it is looking at you from the plate.

  3. "...the youngest cost centre."--I must remember to filter this into my own life. With two children in university right now, this is very apt!

  4. Thank goodness the pudding did not have a fish plunked in the middle of it.

  5. The picture of the Queen with eyes closed at the hotel check out desk ...made me indication of the high prices charged???
    Hope you don't have a coronary when the interruptor bill finally arrives...
    Glad the Font found an indigenous restaurant to have dinner, which certainly cheered her up after her root canal ordeal.
    Looper is on my movie schedule for this weekend, hope I enjoy it.

  6. Inappropriate picture of the Queen! Not acceptable.
    They should be ashamed of themselves!
    Although, it's probably better then seeing her depicted in the same manner as those Christ's head images you see in the U.S. where the eyes follow you about the room.

  7. I noticed the rye bread crumbs on the menu. Interesting! Loved the prop of the Queen!

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed the restaurant. I avoid seafood!

    I enjoyed Looper, but I think it's a movie you sort of have to ponder a bit. I am, ahem, a bit outside of the sixteen year old age bracket.

    Perhaps you need all three Corgis!

  9. Christmas corgis...what a laugh. 'Looper' has just come to central NSW...will give it a miss. Actually, your last photo could have been taken around here.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. There is an English Tearoom here in Arizona. It is of course overly decorated in a quaint and stereotypical way (but the food is good, and authentic as the owner is English) and there is a cardboard Queen much like that one. I must contact the owner, she NEEDS some plastic corgis! If you are going to be cliche you may as well go all the way.