Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The letter, the llama, and the nuclear power plant.

The Monday night town council meeting in the village hall.  The formal letter of complaint about the ' desecration ' of the church frescoes read out and approved. It will be signed by the mayor and sent off to the prefecture today. A lengthy discussion about what action should be taken about the very old farmer and his illicit draining of the village pond. In the end it's decided that he too should get a letter. The contents of the letter will be discussed at next months meeting.

Into town for the morning croissants.  Ellio, the patriarch of the womens cooperative llama herd, has got out of his pen and  is standing in the middle of the road eating the pelargoniums from the teachers hanging baskets. Ellio looks happy. The hanging baskets less so.

Off into the countryside in the afternoon. ' The font ' spots a pristine front garden with a carefully arranged tableau of what appears to be a school. Why there are two teachers, two blackboards and two desks in someones front garden is not obvious. Must be a French thing. Garden gnomes are probably easier to maintain.

Homeward bound we pass the local nuclear power plant. Underneath the reactor towers a small Chambres d'hotes. ' The font ' christens it : Hope springs eternal . Angus thinks ' glow by night ' might be more appropriate. We wonder how many visitors they get.


  1. Is anyone proposing to reinstate the controversial fresco wording?

  2. After reading multiple times about WIlf and the tyres, I was taken aback for a moment when I read, "The font' christens it". ;)

  3. Unusual choice of garden ornament.....unique.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Those ornaments are truly bizarre. It also looks as if the same teacher was buying veg in the previous picture!

  5. Yes, Wilf has forever given "christen" it's primary definition.
    Wilf. What a great name ( for a great dog). it suited him perfectly.

  6. I guess the old farmer did not attend the town hall meeting, if not he could have been warned there and then. The kind of chap that he is doesn't strike me that a formal letter will bother him in the least.
    Hope Ellio will be okay after munching down on those pelargoniums, they are a bit poisonous.
    The school scene in the country front garden is a curious display, for what I wonder...keep us posted please.
    Is there not some kind of building code that should restrict such close habitation to the nuclear plant?? That is crazy.

  7. Oddities. This is all I can think of to say.

  8. Those figures kind of creep me out....v. odd! I concur with the 'glow by night' title.

  9. Now Virginia has me a little worried that the llama will get sick on the pelargoniums. Will we ever know?
    Who does Ellio belong to? Should we warn him about what the beast has been snacking on?

    I doubt the old farmer will pay one whit of attention to his letter from the City, that is if it is written and mailed to him. A typical City Council, more items tabled than acted upon.


  10. Just another day in deepest France profonde....Or small town USA!

    I hope your day has been an enjoyable one!

  11. You have the most interesting cast of characters in your corner of the world!

  12. Oh my gosh, those photos took me back a good number of years to my childhood watching of Wurzel Gummidge. He and other scarecrow and mannequin type characters would come to life! That man purchasing the veggies really DOES look like the "teacher" in the garden!