Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Audience participation.

Our last night in Paris. ''This looks like fun " says ' the font ' pointing to a theatre poster , a queue, and an open door. Before he can come up with a suitable response ( ' it looks like an opium den ' would have been a good choice )  Angus finds himself on the front row of a darkened theatre. The audience are both younger and more casually dressed than Angus. In fact before the lights dim it's clear that they're much younger and much, much more casually dressed . They also seem to be in a mood to enjoy themselves.

'' Is there anyone here tonight who's English ? " asks the comedian . One hundred and fifty heads turn as one to look at Angus . What follows next is a nightmare. Suffice it to say it involves a middle aged Celt  trying to catch tennis balls in a waste paper basket while simultaneously answering questions about life in England.  '' You were wonderful " says 'the font' using exactly the same faux-reassuring tone of voice that you'd use to an eight year old cost centre who's just atonaly scratched through his first violin solo at a school concert.

' The font ' heads back to London to have the temporary crown replaced. Yours truly turns left for the low cost, unassigned  seat flight to Toulouse. No rugby scrum is as frightening as the melee involved with getting an unassigned seat on a French domestic flight.  Back in the village the workmen have started to lay the new power line to the salle des fetes. At four the power goes off and stays off overnight. Life in the Rickety Old Farmhouse is conducted by candlelight. ' The font ' phones to find out how Angus is getting on . '' Better than in Paris " he replies huffily. ' The font ' chuckles.


  1. I'd love to know what questions were asked at the 'comedy' show. And what the answers were. Perhaps you could hand the blog reins over to 'the font' for a day and we'd get a full and enlightening report....

  2. Replies
    1. 100% but in a French theatre the 'auld alliance ' counts for nothing. Anlgais -- Ecossais , it's all one and the same.

  3. Angus, I have really enjoyed your photos of Paris and I think I might have enjoyed seeing you make your stage debut--But I do know what you mean about the voice of praise afterwards, it was probably the same one I heard after my very first bassoon solo!

    Enjoy your day, and I hope 'the fonts' dental appointment went well!

  4. Oh Angus, we feel your pain!

    Glad you're home safe and sound!!

  5. Angus, you do make me opium den?? ...oh my word, you are hilarious.
    Glad you were able to fight your way on to the plane, with some semblance of dignity I hope, and made it safely back home.
    With me when I am traveling, if I say I am Barbadian, folks immediately start speaking to me in a Jamaican accent...Hey Mon.

  6. We agree with Bertie...a one-day guest appearance by the font so we can get the other side of the story!!!

  7. Ha ha ha! I'm sorry to laugh, but I find I can't help it. At least there were no embarrassing pictures of you posted on the internet. At least, not that we know of! I'm glad you made it home in one piece. :)

  8. Can't help but chuckle (well actually guffaw) at the image of Angus on stage. Maybe you were wishing it had been an opium den after all!

  9. Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories. They always brighten my day! Carrie

  10. The exact same thing once almost happened to The Songwriter.
    We wandered in to a magic show in the West End and took our seats. As soon as the "magician/comedian" came on stage, he turned the house lights up and requested an assistant from the audience. Pointed straight at The Songwriter and told him to come up on stage. The Songwriter, however, pretended not to hear... placidly staring straight into space, determined to wait this thing out for as long as it took to guarantee his safety. The poor performer went on to someone else.
    Thank the Lord.