Saturday, October 13, 2012

Odd, odder and oddest.

No sign of Madame Bay. No sign of the plumber. No sign of the workmen to remove the four large reels of red tubing in the middle of the village green . No need to worry - there is always next week.

The jovial workmen in rubber waders return. They have been sent to find out why the level of the village pond has fallen by a metre and a half.  With the last of the bindweed cleared away they discover a hosepipe running from the bottom of the pond up the grass bank that leads to the very old farmers tractor shed and then onwards to his irrigation system. It seems that the old fellow has dealt with the drought in his very own , highly illegal, way.

Two artificial cows have been installed on a freshly tilled patch of ground behind the supermarkets  milk dispensing machine. Very lifelike. Very odd. Very French.

The Nobel Committee have awarded the European Union its annual Peace Prize. '' How odd " I say to ' the font ' over breakfast. ' Could be odder ' comes the reply. ' They could have awarded it the economics prize '.


  1. Those cows Angus. Are you quite sure you're not in Milton Keynes?

  2. Peace Prize? The committee obviously wasn't present at the recent town meeting re the removed sign in the church. We're sure your village isn't the only that tackles problems the way your's does.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. The EU is far from perfect but I think (?) its intentions are good--But I'm not sure whether to give three cheers for the recognition that international co-operation promotes peace, or feel that the Nobel committee had run out of ideas and felt they had to give the prize to someone....

  4. You have to give the very old farmer credit for creative thinking.
    I wonder if more figures will appear in the pastoral scene by the Milk building?

  5. I wonder what Madame Bay is up to! I am also curious about what will happen to the farmer for the illegal water rerouting. I wonder if they plan to get artificial milk from the artificial cows. It seems like a scheme someone there would come up with.

  6. I love the font's sense of humor!

    Our dogs once saw life like cow statues, and they insanely barked at them!

  7. Slaps to the farmer for stealing water, kudos for being clever. I'd love to see what a cattle dog would make of those cows. :o) Great blog!

  8. Interesting cows. We in Canada put up different and unique "objects" usually at the start of a town. For example, here in Manitoba, several towns have different "objects". There is a big sturgeon (fish), a large perogy (Ukranian delight), a white horse. The list goes on. Somewhere in Ontario I remember passing a large red apple somewhere along the 402 highway I believe. We humans are interesting to say the least!!

    Enjoy your week, hopefully someone out of the pack shows up!

  9. The old farmer up to his old tricks again...he is a real character to have for a neighbour...little does he know he serves up lovely blog fodder with his antics.
    Gotta love the Font...her retorts are priceless!!